How to Win Your Unemployment Hearing

On denial of unemployment benefits by a state’s welfare or labour department, the applicant is allowed to exercise an appeal right. Winning an appeal or unemployment hearing requires a combination of steps taken by the applicant. The reason is that the concerned department wants to be convinced that the applicant has a genuine right to the unemployment benefits, to make sure that taxpayer money is not plundered by someone who is already employed but trying to claim unemployment benefits as well. Some make sure you present a compelling evidence that you deserve unemployment benefits.


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    Know and Assess Reasons of Denial

    The first step for you to take is to understand the reasons behind denial of your claim application, and then determine how you can reply each on of the objections in a manner that satisfies the authorities and you can claim unemployment benefits successfully. Single out each reason and think of answer against each one of them carefully. The answer should not leave another question being posed to you, and you should be able to answer it convincingly even it does.

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    Filing Appeal

    After you have understood reasons of denial of your claim, fill out an appeal form and post it at the return address with all the required documents. Do not delay filing of the appeal beyond the stipulated time, which should be explained in the rejection letter. Also, clearly refer that letter in your application form and it will be rather good to send a copy of the letter along with your application.

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    Continue Apply for Jobs

    While you are waiting for hearing on your appeal, continue applying for jobs, and this will help you on the hearing day. Your case will be stronger if you have substantial evidence to show that you have been struggling to get  a job, and the rejection letters that you have been receiving from HR departments of different companies will be documentary evidence that you can present on the day of hearing.

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    Gather and Keep Ready Evidence

    You should have a copy of each job rejection letter with you on the hearing day and they should be presented before the person who is assigned to take up your appeal hearing. All emails, letters in print or communication in any other form make up for important evidence.

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    Use Services of Legal Rep.

    If you are not confident that you can take up your case before the concerned authorities efficiently, better hire services of a legal representative who can fight your case at charge of some fee. Be assured you have resources to afford one.

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