Oklahoma’s School of Bartending

Cimarron College in Oklahoma City is one of the best bartending schools in the US. This private vocational school teaches its students everything from how to mix drinks to how to deal with rowdy customers. They have trained thousands of people over the years, building a reputation as a place to find top notch bartenders and staff.

Cimarron College is known for its low student/instructor ratio, which is amazingly 6 to 1. Class scheduling options vary, offering more students the oppurtunity to attend. Day and night classes are offered, as is the choice of completing the class in one week or two. To become certified, the student must complete forty hours of instruction. The subjects taught at Cimarron include an introductory class on the bar area and equipment and procedures for opening and closing. Over three hundred drink recipies are included in the course. This part of the course is broken down into categories, with four hours of training spent on each section. The breakdown of the drink-mixing instruction is as follows: Highballs, Poured Fruit Juice Drinks, Martinis & Manhattans, Two Liquor Drinks, Kahlua and Hot Drinks, Wine and Champagne Drinks,Alexanders and Sweet & Sour Drinks, Beer, Shots, and Shooters . The final phase of the instruction is Server Intervention Procedures. This class is five hours of the forty total hours needed for certification.

Each student leaves the course with a rolodex of over three hundred recipies for mixed drinks, extensive knowledge of bartending and bar procedures, and the lifetime support of Cimarron College. That’s right, lifetime support. Cimarron College keeps its doors open for students to come back at any time. Whether a student just wants to practice and polish his or her skills, learn new drink recipies, or even find a job, Cimarron is there for its alumni. Former students were even offered free housing if they lived over an hour from the school. This vocational school knows how to take care of its students! Bars and clubs all over the country depend on schools like Cimarron to staff their facilities. Consumers demand knowledgeable staff in this area, as do the owners of the businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a way to pay your way through college or looking for a supplemental income, earning your bartending certification can be rewarding on a personal and financial level. The staff at Cimarron College will see to that.

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