How to Start a Career as a Music Producer

Most music producers have nothing before starting out. School loans empty your pockets, while the workload at school takes most of your time. Even if you do try to give time to do something, you never end up accomplishing what you want to. However, this article will serve as a guide to you about all the things you will need in order to start a career in music production.


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    First of all, learn how to play at least one instrument. Good producers would train their ears so they can know all about the musical theory. This will aid you throughout your career. This one skill can help you compose your own songs, which you can eventually produce in order to understand the basics of tempos, and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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    You must master a DAW in order to learn the basics of music production. FL Studio, Sonar, Pro Tools are few of the programs which you can start off with. FL Studio is always preferred over all other programs as it is extremely user friendly.

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    Try to get into different genres of music. A few people would limit themselves to a certain genre and would never take out time to grow in the music industry. However, a successful musician would explore it all, whether it is hip hop, dub step, rock, metal, or even R&B.

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    Try to cover a few songs by adding a bit of your own flavor to them. Start off by taking your favorite song and remaking it. This will showcase your own creativity.

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    Start marketing yourself within your own network of friends and family. Make business cards and distribute brochures in your area. Explain to people how you have started producing music and if someone wants to produce a song, they should come to you. Keep low and reasonable prices - a low hourly rate.

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    In order to gain some experience, start an internship in a nearby studio. No doubt it requires a lot of time and hard work, but you will understand how an actual studio operates. This way you will also make a lot of friends who are already working in this business, plus you will start earning extra money. The point is to put you in the right direction.

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    Don’t ever try to keep music production as your only career option in life. Try to focus on your studies as well, so in case you fall, you have something that has got your back.

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