How to Become a Family Lawyer

Lawyers are one of the most sought after professionals these days due to growing need of legal expertise in the market. Becoming a lawyer is not the easiest of tasks, it requires long degree programs and strong determination. There are many areas for the lawyers to specialize in; Finance lawyer, Civil Lawyer, Civil Rights lawyer, Family lawyer to name a few. All of them have their own merits and demerits, a family lawyer can help families resolve their issues in an amicable way.


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    You should decide on becoming a lawyer in an early age so that you can develop the traits required for a good lawyer in high school. The most important one of them all ; hard work. You should not aim for average grades in your high school, sky is the limit for a lawyer. Work as hard as you can and pass your high school with top notch grades. Participate in speech and declamation contests to develop your oratory skills. Also go for the mock trial that most high schools conduct and gauge your arguing abilities.

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    Get admitted to a four year undergraduate program in a reputable university. Though the subjects chosen for the program itself does not play a part in the admission process of law schools but choosing a majors related to law education will surely help in the law studies. Keep working hard and pass your university with flying colours. Keep friendly relations with a professor or two since you will be needing their letters of recommendation for the law school. The minimum GPA criteria for most law schools is 3.0 but it is advisable to maintain as high GPA as you can as it will help you in getting admission to a better law school.

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    Prepare hard for LSAT( law school admission tests) and give it your best shot. Keep on trying till you get a high enough score on the LSATs. Some law schools give more weightage  to LSAT results while some of them give more importance to your under graduate degree CGPA. Choose wisely, remember there is no need to apply to each and every school out there. After getting admission keep working hard and don't waste much time on part time jobs. Most of the law schools do not allow students to work in the first year of program anyway. Pass the law school with flying colours and give the bar exam the next summer. You will be a certified family lawyer after passing the bar exams and you can start your own legal practise the next day.

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