Creative Memories Preserves Your History in Photo-Safe Albums

So your first car was a black VW Super Beetle with red interior and heat that came through the floor – like mine?

Well, a company based in Minnesota can help you capture that and other remembrances through scrapbooking your rolodex of fond farewells.

Creative Memories ( enables customers to recreate the small stuff into keepsakes for many years to come. The albums are photo-safe scrapbook albums told with the help of the company’s consultants and you, the client.

They say it’s easy and fun and millions of people in more than 11 countries around the world agree.

Creative Memories now has offices in Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Taiwan, and the U.K and more than 90,000 consultants.

The consultants come to you on your schedule, at your convenience, and on your turf.

The company believes in preserving the past and passing scrapbooks of memory down to future generations through the storyteller who composes everything.

You can also become an independent contractor with the company if it’s your forte.

“Together we make a difference in the way people remember, celebrate, and connect,” the website states.

Creative Memories was founded by businesswoman Cheryl Lightle and homemaker Rhonda Anderson during a chance after-hours business call, according to literature. Asha Morgan Moran is president.

The products are guaranteed for a lifetime, according to the website.

The company also gives back to the community which began back in the 1920s when Ernest Morgan, founder of The Antioch Company, Creative Memories’ parent company, routinely made his printing presses available to anyone who needed to promote a cause, according to company history.

And it continues today with donations, employee matching contributions, team and department volunteerism, and active companywide involvement in community initiatives close to home and abroad.

According to records, employees have built and refurbished homes, answered phones for community campaigns, and teamed up tot scour public parks.

I remember when I lived at Gladney a rep from the company came out to help myself and other birth moms compile scrapbooks for our unborn children to read one day.

In a press release Creative Memories states that they “are dedicated to helping people share their stories, carry on traditions, and commemorate life’s milestonesâÂ?¦one memory, picture, and page at a time.”

Regarding how our past helps say who we are, Creative Memories partnered with the Alzheimer’s organizations in February to preserve memories in a passionate charitable move.

According to the company, studies have shown that scrapbook photo albums enhance the well-being of Alzheimer’s sufferers by helping them to replay their lives and help their families reconnect with the past.

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