How to Become an Environmental Lawyer

As more companies are looking towards improving their business practice for the environment, the need for Environmental Lawyers is high. If you enjoy working on the legal side of issues like climate, pollution and other green themes, then becoming an Environmental Lawyer could be the right career move for you. Becoming an Environmental Lawyer is not difficult especially if you are already studying law or are currently a lawyer. Helping to build awareness of environmental issues and going after those that might be violating laws can be a rewarding experience. If you feel that you are willing to work hard and are dedicated to protecting the environment then becoming an Environmental Lawyer might be the right career move for you.


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    Study Environmental Law:

    If you want to become an Environmental Lawyer then you should study Environmental Law. Be sure to look in to various law schools that are teaching Environmental Law so that you get a well balanced education in this field.

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    Become Environmentally Active:

    It is important to start taking an interest in environmental issues on a regular basis. Try to network with various environmental organisations to expand your knowledge on different issues. While studying law you should keep up to date on different environment issues and take part in seminars or talks.

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    Find a suitable Internship:

    To get some practical working experience, it is imperative to find an internship which focuses on environmental law or issues. By interning at an organisation which deals with environmental law can definitely help boost your knowledge and skills in this area.

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    Work Hard and Graduate from Law School:

    It goes without saying that you should study hard and finish law school to get your degree. Once you have done this, it is crucial that you begin to get some environmental law experience.

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    Search for a Job:

    Finding the right job is critical for you beginning a career as an Environmental Lawyer. Working for organisations that have large legal departments and are conscious of the environment can be a good place to start. Helping companies understand environmental laws is a good first step towards advancing your career as an Environmental Lawyer.

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    Develop Network:

    While working, you should develop as many environmental contacts to keep up to date with the latest happenings. Build up a decent network so that you can remain active and participate in environmental issues.

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    Be Selective with Cases:

    Although you might just be starting out your legal career, try to take on cases that deal with the environment. By focusing on these types of cases, you can advance your career and make a decent name for yourself as an Environmental Lawyer.

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