Top 10 Reasons to Be a Nurse

Nursing is a great career for any person who likes taking care of others and is also patient in his/her dealings. The career requires a lot of time, patience and full attention.

People’s lives are in a nurse’s hands at times so a nurse needs to be practical and compassionate.

Many would think why chose such a demanding career? But then why would anybody want to become a part of bomb disposal squad.

If you have the skills and the determination, nursing can easily be managed. Many students also voluntarily become nurses to earn some money or for social work. Here are ten reasons to convince you to become a nurse.


  • 1


    The job market is very competitive and this field has a lot of opportunities. Nurses are in demand and always needed by many hospitals. If you are looking for a job, there are many chances that you will find one here.

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  • 2

    Different schedules

    It is not a regular 9-5 job. There are different shifts and schedules, giving you the leverage to choose the timings that suit you. If you are a student, you could work in the evening shift.

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    The career gives you satisfaction that you are giving something back to the society. It is a feeling of fulfillment as you are doing well to others around you.

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  • 4


    Monotony can become boring and nursing makes sure that there is no such thing in your life. There are new challenges to meet daily and unexpected crisis that you have to control. It keeps up the excitement.

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  • 5


    It gives you the chance to see the most beautiful natural process of child birth. You can hold a new born daily in your hand and witness many such deliveries.

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  • 6


    You are working under well qualified doctors on daily basis. This gives you exposure to modern procedures and increases your knowledge base. The job is a daily learning process.

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  • 7

    Medical treatment

    Being a nurse assures you that you will always have medical help available. If you or anyone from your family falls ill, the medical bill is covered by the hospital.

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    You get to interact with a diverse group of people daily. Patients come in from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicity. You can interact with them and make them feel comfortable in the hospital. This improves your social skills.

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  • 9


    As you are spending a lot of time with your colleagues, you tend to develop good friendships. There are many nurses in different shifts and it increases your social circle.

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  • 10


    Nowadays nurses earn a good amount of money. Not only are you contributing to the society, you are getting paid for it too.

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