Job Hunting? a Recruiter Can Help

Google “recruiters are” and you will see choice words such as scumbags, idiots, jerks are suggestions. That is not a very rosy picture of my line of work but honestly some recruiters do deserve those titles. Just like some writers, medics, get my point. There are bad recruiters and there are good recruiters too. Just like any other profession, recruiting has its stars and villains.If you are looking for a job, drop the stereotypes and keep an open mind and I will show you how to get the maximum benefits out of a recruiter.

Get referral: Ask around-friends, family, relative etc and get a referral. That way a recruiter is more likely to take up your case more seriously and prioritize. A professional recruiter always values client relationship.

Define your goals: Be clear on what kind of job you are looking for, pay rate, benefits, location etc. Then seek a recruiter’s support. You are the one leading the process so you should be able to give clear vision to the recruiter on what you want and don’t want. This saves time and opportunity cost.

Follow up: Recruiters just don’t call back or follow up-this is the most repeated complaint against recruiters. You, as a job seeker, can change it. Make sure that you set clear expectation regarding follow ups and updates with the recruiter.

Don’t follow blindly: What do you do when a recruiter calls with a position that sounds exciting but does not match your requirements or skill profile? Don’t follow blindly. Read the requirements and evaluate. Recruiter is essentially a sale person so it is their job to make a job sound highly attractive; you need to be the judge.

Network: Even if one opening does not work out keep the recruiter close by. There may be something else out there that may be the one for you. Keep networking and on the the look out for the best opportunity and it never hurts to expand your professional circle.

A recruiter is a guide, and you are the leader. Use the guide wisely and you will get results.

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