How to Write Your Curriculum Vitae

You will need a Curriculum Vitae, or a CV, whenever you want to go out and land a job for yourself. Resume and CV almost go hand in hand as they are both used for the same purpose, but a CV is most commonly used around the world as it is relatively more detailed. You can use the following steps to make your own CV.


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    Before you start off writing about yourself on a piece of paper, you must first gather all the information which you have about yourself. This information includes all the academic records which you must have in your files. The degrees and diplomas you have completed or the papers, books or articles which you have authored. In case you have earned patents, write them down as well. If you have been a teacher in the past, then consider them as well. Lastly, if there were any grants, awards or prizes earned during your academic career, write them down as well.

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    Once you have written down everything regarding your academic career, now select and decide on a style of your CV. There are different styles you can browse through and you can select the one which you believe suits you best.

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    Now you must clarify your objectives in front of others. If you are looking for a position, write it down. In case you want an admission somewhere, jot it down. Whatever your reason for making the CV is, simply write it down in simple words.

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    Browse for CVs which are in your interests and are already available on the internet. Moreover, look for CVs and the latest trends in newspapers or magazines and they will really help you build a strong CV for yourself.

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    In case you are looking for a job, then start off by listing the courses which you have learnt. Also write down the institution from which you have studied those courses. Several people even write down the department of the institution they have been to.

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    If you want to be a contributor to someone’s work then write down the article, book and the column which you have authored before.

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    If you have just graduated from a university then write down your GPA, experience and the diploma which you have completed.

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    Also write down about your thesis, the topic and the experience you had while writing the paper.

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    Once you have completed writing your CV, ask a friend to proof read it.

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    Make sure that you also include the type of personality you have.

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