Steps to Become a Football Coach

Just about everyone is in love with one sport or another. We all have our favourite games and favourite teams that we root for every time there is a game going on. The players have a charisma and many envy in their professional skills and their lavish living standards.

Behind all the glitz and the glamour, there are umpteenth hours of hard work and dedication. There are many other people behind the scenes that play a massive role in the making of these star players and behind the success of the players.

Football is the most loved American Sport, even leaving behind baseball in the second spot. There are countless high school and college teams along with amateur clubs. Coaches are always in demand to guide the young and upcoming players and a career in football coaching is both fun and well paying. The process like any other profession takes time and loads of commitment.


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    Get Educated

    The first thing that you need to do is to get your college education, preferably in physical education and if possible, also take other subjects related with sports. If possible, be a player of your college football team as it would later reflect well on the professional resume, particularly as a coach.

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    Learn and Understand the Game

    This is something that you have to do beyond an everyday fan. You need to understand the game and how it is played thoroughly. Read books on perspective from known coaches and follow historically successful and unsuccessful teams and understand that what were the reasons behind their success and failures. Understand the plays and come up with your own strategies for various scenarios.


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    Be on the Look

    Once you have completed your education, be on the lookout for a potential job opening. Let the senior coaches know that you are available and willing. Also if you get a chance like an apprenticeship with a coach or a football team, do not miss the opportunity. Just don’t look in the local area, also look in other regions if they are looking for a fresh coaching face, which will increase your chances of landing one quicker.

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    Keep Expectations Low

    You may not be getting the best coaching job right away and you will need to earn through the ranks. Make sure that you are able to relocate if you have to, even for a high school coaching job. The start is the toughest part and as you gain experience, you will have greener pastures available. But in the start, you will have to be content with whatever opportunity comes your way.

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