Steps to Become a Correctional Officer

Correctional officer also known as prison officer is a highly skillful profession and also a very interesting job itself. If you have interest to become a correctional officer, then there are certain steps which needed to be followed before you should think to enter in this field. Correctional officers usually do different tasks in the prison and make sure that everything works well in the prison and whatever the duties are, you are doing it with bets of your abilities. Correctional officer usually gets a job within the premises of a prison or outside as guard or a security person.


  • 1

    Study well

    First you should complete your study and whatever course you are taking. This is very important that your initial education must be complete at the time joining any new profession. This will give the required knowledge or anything you are interested in.

  • 2

    Make up your mind

    Discuss with your relatives and friends about correctional officer and how he performs his duties. Read different literature and try to get knowledge about correctional officer. Books are big source about getting to know regarding this new field.

  • 3

    Maintain a clean record

    This is very important for becoming a correctional officer; you have to maintain a clean record. No cases should be filed against you. No criminal act, drug related issues and different types of felonies must not be filed against you.

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    Meet health requirements

    You have to understand that you are going to face criminals in the prison as you must be physically strong. Your health conditions should meet the requirements in correctional officer department.

  • 5

    Apply for job

    After meeting all the requirements of the department where you want to apply, you should apply for a job in different law enforcement agencies. Most organisations have a set pattern on which they hire candidates who want to work in correction officer field. If you meet all the requirements, then there is a high chance that you will get the job in any of the law enforcement agencies where you applied earlier.

  • 6

    Work efficiently

    As you have entered in a new profession, you have to make sure that you are working properly and doing your best to achieve goals and your targets. Working efficiently means that you will finish the tasks and targets you have given by your high authorities. Try to learn things early as it will enhance your productivity in the area of your field. It will also help you get promotions in correctional officer field.                                                                                                    

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