Steps to Become a Psychiatrist

A Psychiatrist is a professional who serves the purpose of helping people overcome problems related to their health. Health is one of the soundest blessings that GOD has offered one and its true value and importance is only known to those who are suffering from some health disorder. A Psychiatrist is a devoted individual who helps identify the common public’s problems in that regard and advise them in how to overcome the deficiencies. In order to become a Psychiatrist, one will have to make a swift plan and this must be highlighted before the individual pursues his/her professional education. The right courses are to be selected from the very start as the profession requires a number of degrees for attaining the desired specialty.


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    The first step that initiates the process of one going through to achieve the prestigious profession is to earn a bachelors degree. The degree is must to be earned with the subjects of math, biology, chemistry and physics. This selection of subjects may vary in little proportion as per the requirements of certain under graduate programs. Usually any bachelor’s degree is enough to get you started with the procedure but it is highly recommended that you set your sights straight from the very beginning in order to have strong basics about the subject.

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    Next you will have to pursue a medical degree. 4 years of medical education are mandatory for the subject. A degree that bears the name of M.D. or D.O. is mandatory for the person who is interested in attaining the professional education for a Psychiatrist.

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    The next main step in the planning for establishing yourself as a psychiatrist is to complete a residency after you have earned your Doctor of Medicine degree. This requires some experience that will ask you to participate in a clinic or a hospital. The residency program normally lasts for four years and covers the practical knowledge part for the course.

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    After attaining the degree and getting your experience via the residency, now you will be required to obtain a license for your practice in the psychiatry field. This is always allotted by the state’s medical board and requires a passing of exam.

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    The next step in line for the process requires you to become a board certified member of the state’s psychiatry board. After the completion of this step, you will be able to perform your psychiatry practice at the highest levels and can even run a clinic of your own that only deals with patients who demand psychiatry treatment.

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