How to Prepare for TOEFL Test

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is the most commonly used method of evaluating the ability to read, write and understand the English language. Universities across the world, particularly in the UK, United States of American, Australia and New Zealand use this test to determine if the international student is capable of taking English courses. If you are a non native English speaker and want to demonstrate your English language capabilities then prepare for TOEFL. Preparation of this test is lengthy and you should be willing to practice as much as possible to achieve good results.


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    It is recommended to become fully accustomed to the language in the early stages of your preparation. Consider watching BBC News and CNN News live on a daily basis. These two news corporations read news in English. Reading and listening can help you improve your English language skills considerably. Furthermore, take some time out to read magazines and watch other television programs and movies.

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    According to research conducted by a group of international students in the United Kingdom, the best way to improve English language skills to read and write academic publications and research. Participate in the university lectures and answer your teacher’s questions in English to enhance your English speaking capabilities. Once you have learned the basics, consider focusing on academic topics as TOEFL is likely to test your skills on academic English.

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    Speak English all the time, if possible. Talk to your family members, relatives and friends in English. If some of your friends are good English speakers then consider getting their help to familiarise yourself with speaking English. However, for best results it is advised to use social media networks and internet forums where students can speak English the way you want to learn.

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    Practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should take as many practice tests as possible before taking the actual TOEFL exam.  If you do not familiarise yourself with the test format, there is a possibility you will get confused and consequently fail. Work hard to improve your concentration levels. Avoid distractions of all types such as songs, loud television and traffic noise.

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    Set high goals for yourself. It is advised to go for the highest possible grade so you could at least hit the minimum score set by your desired college or university.

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