How To Avoid A Bad Hire

While hiring people for a company, it is not only the incompetent people you want to avoid. It is also important to filter out those people who have the tendency to disrupt the office culture and environment, which you as a manager, have worked so hard to establish. During the hiring process, it is paramount to select someone whose skills and attitude both are in line with the company requirements, but doing so, especially when it comes to ensuring that the hire is a cultural fit, is not the easiest of tasks.

In this article, we will go through some of the pre-requisites which the interviewers and the evaluators have to fulfill to ensure that their selected person is a perfect hire.


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    Include Concerned People In The Process

    Most companies tend to have a fixed panel, comprising of senior executives and human resource personnel, for interviewing the candidates, and often avoid sharing the details of the shortlisted personnel with the lower staff. However, considering that the hired person(s) will either have to work with or under the people, it is better to involve them in the process at an opportune time, and seriously consider their feedback.

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    Let the Employees Know That They Have Been Listened To

    If your base level people have some reservations about the person in question, the management should be quick to focus on them, and shouldn’t extend any offer till they have completely quelled all the concerns. This will not only give your employees a feeling of importance and allow you to consider those points which you wouldn’t have considered from your point of view, but would also create your reputation as a company which endorses only a specific type of employees.

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    Judge The Candidate Behavior Outside The Interview Window

    When people come for interviews, they try to assess the mood of the company and then mould themselves accordingly during the interview. Thus, it becomes difficult for the interviewers to gauge the true nature of the person. It is therefore mandatory to judge the candidate’s behavior outside the interviewing spectrum. Look at his or her behavior while setting up appointments, the dealing with the HR department and other candidates. This evaluation will help you make a better analysis.

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    Trust Your Instinct

    The basics never change. As a manager, you are used to evaluating people and can get a fair idea of the person when you see one. If a person apparently seems perfect, but your instincts tell you that he or she might have one or two weak points which can become a problem later on, trust your guts and don’t extend the offer.

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