Encyclopedia Sets: Books Vs. Internet

Remember when you were a kid and a man would come to the door every so often offering what he would proudly deem, “a full set of encyclopedias”? Are those days gone? Now with the internet does anyone actually purchase encyclopedia sets any more? The answer is yes, they do.

According to Britannica, one of the world’s largest encyclopedia companies, there are still many people who order sets of the informational books. In an age when the internet offers never ending information to the user, one might think that there is no need any more for the actual book set of encyclopedias, however there appear to still be many people who find a use for the books.

Encyclopedia sets are a huge asset in countries where there is little access to computers. Many large companies donate sets to countries for educational use. Children are still encouraged to utilize encyclopedias for a number of benefits. According to the national Teachers Association encouraging the children to use encyclopedias also teaches them invaluable research skills and helps in learning how to spell. The logic is that if a student is looking up the information they have to have an idea about how to spell it, how to research it and then what to do with the information. Many teachers prefer the use of actual encyclopedia sets because it cuts down on plagiarism as well. Students using the computer and the internet tend to be tempted to cut and paste information whereas with a physical set of encyclopedias a student has to rewrite the information.

Most encyclopedia sets are updated yearly with new editions offered to families who purchase a set. What encyclopedia companies often offer is a new update in the form of an updated book that is to be added to your original set. If you keep up with your set in this way then the set literally will not ever be “out of date”. Information will continue to be added to the information originally offered in the set.

Most encyclopedia sets can get very expensive but companies tend to offer payment plans. Set can cost as much as $4000 or more. Many companies offer side issues of other sets such as a children’s science set as added incentive, but the original set itself may set you back a little. Most comprehensive encyclopedia sets, however, include so much information that those who purchase a set believe that the cost is well worth it.

Finally, the other thing to consider is that an encyclopedia set is an investment that can be passed down from generation to generation if it is kept up with new editions.

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