Energy Efficiency Tools: Electricity Use Monitors, Smart Strips and Programmable Thermostats

Deciding how to save energy is one thing however there are a number of Energy Efficiency Tools designed specifically to do just that – save energy. Energy conscious individuals have a way of finding the latest and most effective Energy Efficiency Tools. This article will review a few tried and true tools, as well as a few new Energy Efficiency Tools.

One of the most common Energy Efficiency Tools is the Programmable Thermostat. There are a couple of great models from which to select. One of the commonly used of the Programmable Thermostats is the Honeywell Vision 8500 Touchscreen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat. This unique model retains the settings and automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. The Honeywell Programmable Thermostat also has automatic reminders for battery and filter change. By using one of the Energy Efficiency Tools such as the Programmable Thermostat, one doesn’t have to worry about constantly changing the temperature and automatically saves energy. The retail price for the Honeywell Vision 8500 Touchscreen 7 day Programmable Thermostat retails for approximately $125.00 and is available at most home stores.

There are other small ways in which to savor power. One of the top and easy to find Energy Efficiency Tools is by using tools such as the BITS Smart Strip. This is a simple item yet it provides organization or cords as well as saving power when devices are not in use. Simply plug in the main cord from the BITS Smart Strip into the wall, with all of the cords from the other devices plugged into the five other outlets in the Bits Smart Strip. This is a fool proof and definitely one of the easiest of the Energy Efficiency Tools to use to save energy. The Bits Smart Strip retails for approximately $33.00 and available a most home stores.

Another excellent choice from among the Energy Efficiency Tools is the Blue Line Power Cost Monitor. If looking for a trend of power usage to learn where to cut back, a Buy Line Power Cost Monitor is an excellent way to determine where high energy usage are the immediate environment. The Blue Line Power Cost Monitor provides real time statistics in dollars and cents as well as in kilowatt-hours. The retail price for this excellent choice among the collection of Energy Efficiency Tools is $135.00 and is available at most home stores.

More information on the Energy Efficiency Tools mentioned visit the Web sites for Low Impact Living. Other similar energy saving items if not the exact Energy Efficiency Tools may be purchased from home stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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