When you said hello
While I watched you smile
The gleam in your eye
I fell

Your soft touch
Your caring heart and
Understanding soul
I melted

Your forbidden love
And beautiful energy
Your surprising ability
I was captivated

With your tender words
And your strong will
While your burning mind
Raped my soul

So your ravishing beauty
And black wilderness
Brown eyes and empty promises
Stole my heart

You refused to give
Only chose to take
What I offered freely
You made me pay

With my love and my soul
My heart and mind
You promised the world
To take mine

You took advantage
Of a tender heart
Riddled with pain
You smiled

While my heart shattered
You picked up the pieces
Where my soul bled
You soaked up the spill

You placed the test
On more than one occasion
To watch me fail
And crumble to my demise

Eager I was
To feel your pain
Unending torture, yours I sought
Fighting still, the key for your return

An endless circle
I will travel
For your lack of concern or selflessness
So you laugh

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