Essential Spa Trends for the Fall Season

This fall, treat yourself to luxury and pampering at your favorite spa or resort. Fall is a time for change in the seasons, and is a great way to re-energize and boost your natural energy as well! A luxurious spa treatment can be just the indulgence you need to embrace the change of temperature and transition toward winter. Specialty treatments hosted by your spa abound with the holidays fast approaching, and the selection of fresh ingredients combine for some unique and distinguished services. Choose from the following top five essential spa trends on your next signature visit:

1. Pumpkin Facials
Pumpkin pulp is naturally full of antioxidants and skin-boosting ingredients. Combined into a facial, natural pumpkin and pulp extracts can give you a seasonal boost right where you need it. Pumpkin facials are being offered around the country, and can include body wraps and moisturizing boosts. Ex foliating treatments followed by a pumpkin pulp application are energizing and refreshing!

2. Detoxifying Mud and Clay
Mud masks and body wraps made with penetrating mud extracts are great options to nourish and detoxify naturally. Body treatments will envelope your entire body in a powerful cleansing process, and offer a long-lasting and rejuvenating experience.

3. Do-it-yourself Hydrotherapy
Spas around the world are picking up on the trend of do-it-yourself Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½stages’ for a variety of hydrotherapy treatments. Think of 3 to 5-step processes where you can walk through a series of Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½treatments’ such as exfoliation, rainfall showers, misting, saunas, and whirlpools. Even a single 45-60 minute process is all it takes to encourage a healthy glow, inside and out on those cooler days!

4. Cherries Galore
Cherries are a powerful antioxidant in their purest forms, and spa treatments are combining delicious cherry facials, body treatments, and even massages to soothe and cleanse your skin. Cherry pulp can be used for facials and treatments, while cherry scrubs abound for exfoliation and skin refreshment. Cherries and chocolate treatments are everybody’s ultimate indulgence, or a cherries and cream bath soak may be just what you need for that pampered feeling.

5. Hot Stones for Relaxation
The growing popularity of hot stone treatments continues in the fall and winter months after steaming and sauna rituals. Hot stones are a valuable treatment to encourage incredibly deep relaxation and experience a distinct and unique massage session. The stones are heated to increase circulation on targeted areas of your body, and promote relaxation by careful placement combined with hands-on massage. Take part in this treatment on a cold and brisk day for a refreshing boost.

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