How to Prevent Acne from Shaving

Shaving is a daily routine for most people throughout the world, be it men or women. Most commonly, acne caused by shaving, is faced by men as the face is an extremely sensitive part of your body and the skin there is prone to breakout quicker than any other area.

Acne is a natural occurrence in teenagers, especially when they are going through puberty and shaving can make it all a lot tougher. Even adults are faced with having acne breakouts after shaving, but due to a few time tested techniques, this problem can be avoided every time you pick the razor up and this time, you will actually look forward to that fresh feeling of your skin and touch.


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    Take a Warm Shower

    The best way to soften up skin, which most people do not realize, is taking a warm shower, especially paying attention to the skin that will be going under the razor. The steam and warm water soften up not only the skin, but also the hair that is intended to be shaved off, making the experience a less painful one. On the other hand, cold water will harden up the area and tighten the pores up even further, making shaving extremely uncomfortable.

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    Select a Shaving Cream Based on Your Needs

    Not every shaving cream works for everyone. Sometimes, a gel or foam suits people while a thicker version is good for others. Newer methods are allowing companies to make shaving creams based on special needs for those with sensitive, oily or dry skin, which you should choose accordingly.

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    Use a Quality Razor

    Using a low quality razor forces you to apply it harder and more times necessary to the face or anywhere else, which obviously is a major factor in why your skin becomes irritated. Choosing a quality razor over this will help in avoid any breakouts.

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    Shave in the Direction of your Hair Growth

    For most people, this direction is downward. Shaving in the opposite direction will cut the hair out of the roots in an unnatural manner, making the skin irritated, sensitive and could potentially cause a major outbreak.

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    Apply a Good Moisturizer

    Gone are the days when a simple aftershave liquid could get the job for anybody. Now, a lot more companies are developing moisturizers/aftershave lotions that work in different ways depending on specific needs and wants. Try out different ones and see which suits you the best.

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