Essiac Herbal Tea: The Cancer Fighting, Body-Purifying Herbal Tea

Herbal remedies have been utilized for thousands of years. The seemingly mystical healing properties of various herbs have supposedly helped to cure all manner of afflictions, as well as strengthen the body and mind. The once common practice of picking or growing herbs and preparing herbal remedies has abated severely, as we can now easily walk into any nutrition store and pharmacy and pluck any herbal supplement off the shelf to suit our needs.

The amazing healing powers of herbs and herbal remedies cannot be denied, though sometimes the claims may be just a tad exaggerated. Still, in an increasingly health-conscious society, herbal supplements are garnering extra attention as an alternative to traditional medicine, and consumers are eager to sample the next promising remedy or supplement.

There is a good chance that essiac could be next to garner fame. Essiac is not actually a single herb, but rather a recipe of various herbs typically used to make essiac herbal tea, touted to have powerful healthful properties that can help to prevent or treat cancer, as well as heal the body of other minor afflictions.

Already quite popular with cancer patients who have sought other means of relief rather than manufactured medications, essiac tea is a naturally organic herbal remedy. The recipe is normally comprised of four herbs: Sheep Sorrel, Indian Rhubarb Root, Burdock Root, and Slippery Elm. The actual herbs are likely unfamiliar, but the combination of the four strange components apparently work in conjunction to help alleviate symptoms of cancer and also cancer treatments.

Discovered by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse in the early 1900s, the essiac formula was said to have originated with the Ojibwa Indians. Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards. The nurse used the formula to treat many patients, all who are said to have claimed remarkable healing and recovery. Essiac was released on a much larger scale to the public in the 1970s, and though the original formula has not changed, some manufacturers of essiac herbal tea have included additional herbal elements.

Although essiac herbal tea is not an actual guarantee against cancer, there are indeed many testimonies to its healing properties. Essiac is said to help cleanse the blood of harmful particles, destroying parasites and fatty deposits, and other harmful metals and toxins. Additionally, the essiac formula helps to keep cholesterol levels low, provides nourishment to the brain and central nervous system, and strengthens bones, muscles, joints, organs and mind, among many other healthful benefits.

The vast amount of healthful claims are numerous, and essiac is essentially said to be a marvelous body purifier on a grand scale. Miraculous indeed, if such claims are to be believed. Still, testimonials and results are plentiful. Scientists have occasionally attempted to replicate the essiac herbal recipe with little success, though similar formulas do exist.

Essiac tea can be purchased in a pre-brewed form, but it is recommended that consumers purchase the mixture and brew it themselves for maximum effect. Detailed instructions should be included with any batch of essiac, as the actual brewing process, though relatively simple, is time consuming. Some consumers may opt to purchase the pre-brewed essiac because of this, but will face a large difference in price and perhaps quality.

Home-brewed essiac will keep for about two weeks, so batches are usually prepared in large quantities so that brewing need not be done often. Normally consumed cold rather than hot. the flavor of essiac herbal tea is reminiscent of earthy herbs, slightly bitter, and can be mixed with a sweetener if desired.

As with most herbal supplements, essiac should not be consumed by pregnant women or women who are nursing. If you have other afflictions such as kidney disease or diabetes, you should consult your pharmacist about other possible side effects, such as allergic reactions, before consuming essiac herbal tea. A small percentage claim diarrhea as a side effect, but this can be usually regulated by adjusting the dosage.

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