Eureka Boss SmartVac Bagged Vacuum Cleaner: Good for Performance, Price

My old Eureka vacuum cleaner was purchased is 1987, when I graduated from college. Yes, I can definitely make things last. However, its suction was leaving a lot to be desired. It was time for a new vacuum. But which one to choose? There has been so much hype about bagless vacs. I hear that Dysons are virtual miracles. How would I ever decide?

After doing quite a bit of online research, and seeing what was on sale and available in nearby stores, I decided on the Eureka Boss SmartVac. It was around $150, but with sales and coupons cost me just $100.

My biggest decision was bagless vs. bagged. I decided on a bagged vac, the Boss, because although I like the allergy-reducing claims of bagless vacs, I knew from experience with a small bagless I use on my stairs that there are actually a LOT of allergens and other “gunk” that escapes into the air when the filter is removed for emptying. I think part of the bagless hype is just the “cool factor” of seeing all the dirt in there swirling around. Boss claims “the only sealed HEPA system” and says it captures dirt the others don’t. So far, I have not noticed any dust or particles coming back out into the air when using it, and all the dirt is safely sucked up into the bag. Once I had decided to go with a bagged vac, Dyson was pretty much eliminated as they are bagless. I did see that Boss claimed on its box to “clean better than a Dyson at half the price”. I love the look of Dysons, but couldn’t quite justify their high prices.

The suction this vac has is excellent. It is able to pick up everything I can see on my floors, and so presumeably also many things I can’t. It has a nifty large dial near the top that lets you switch the suction from the machine itself to connected attachment hose quickly and easily. It also has a “power paw” attachment which is great for stairs. The power paw attaches to the hose and has its own small beater bar. There are extender attachments which create a fairly long reach for the hose. The vacuum works equally well on hard floors and on carpet.

My pet peeves with this vacuum are two-fold: most importantly to me as someone without a lot of upper-body strength, it’s heavy. It is a lot heavier than my old vacuum, and often just the thought of having to lug it out is enough to make me forgo vacuuming for the moment. Also, its foot release to recline the machine is difficult to push just right so that it will work.

Despite these frustrations, I am pleased overall with this vacuum. Its cleaning ability and its price make it a choice you will want to consider next time you purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

Eureka TheBoss Smartvac
Cord length: 30 feet
Weight: 21 pounds
Power: 12 amps
Bags: RR Filteraire
HEPA Filter: HF2 HEPA Filter
Belt: Style R Extended Life

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