Euro Playstation 3 Release Delayed Until 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today that the Playstation 3 will not be released in Europian territories until March 2007 due to component shortages required by the PS3’s Blu-ray drive. While the system is still on track to launch in both Japan and the United States in November, Sony has drastically decreased the estimated number of units available in those territories at launch. At E3 this past May, Sony said that 2 million Playstation 3’s would be available at launch but now they are expecting to ship a mere 400,000 units in America on November 17th and 100,000 units in Japan on November 11th. Following this announcement, with consumer skepticism continuing to rise thanks to the Playstation 3’s astronomical price tag, Sony’s future as the dominant console maker is looking bleaker and bleaker as the holiday season approaches.

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