Every Thing You Need in Case of a Snow Storm

Being born and raised in New York State I am no stranger to snow. In fact I was stuck indoors for days in October 2006 while we waited for clean up crews to remove a tree blocking us in our home let us out. Unexpected or not I have learned to prepare for the windy cold winters of Western New York. The following is a list of supplies every household should have in case of an unexpected storm.

Toiletries: Toiletries are anything that you may need to preserve your hygiene. Things such as toilet paper, deodorant, soap, handy wipes, hand sanitizer, and etc. are used to keep you clean. These things should be overstocked in your home between the months of October and April.

Before winter you should be sure you have enough batteries, flashlights, candles, oil lamps, or any source of lighting that does not require an outlet. The October storm of 2006 left hundreds without power for weeks. So it is very important to make sure you have some form of lighting that does not require electricity.

Heating and Energy Sources: In the winter months make sure your heating sources do not drop below 20%. For instance if you heat with wood, propane, kerosene, pellets or corn be sure you always have enough in case of a storm. During extreme conditions it will be hard to have these supplies delivered and it may be very dangerous for you to drive before the roads are cleared. If you own a generator always be sure to have gasoline readily available in case of a storm. You should also be sure you have blankets in your home that will keep you warm in the event you run out of heat.

Food: Having food that does not require you to cook or refrigerate is very important. Some examples may be canned vegetables, canned pastas, bread, peanut butter, bananas, crackers, nuts, cereal, soups, and tuna. You should also have plenty of bottled water stockpiled in case of a storm as some homes can not pump water without electricity. Also if you have an infant child be sure to have extra formula, diapers, and wipeys..

Health and Safety Items: Being healthy and safe throughout a winter storm is the biggest concern of the people responsible for that area. In the event of an emergency during a storm you should have a first aid kit ( be sure the first aid kit includes a turnakit and a thermometer) , a flare, a cell phone (only turn it on during an emergency to preserve battery life) or a land line phone that doesn’t require an electric outlet, a police and fire scanner, pain killers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen, and any prescribed medication. If your expecting a huge storm ask your doctor to fill your prescription with extra medication in case you are unable to reach a pharmacy. If you have access to a snowmobile be sure it is always able to start and has gas in it so you can travel easily in the event of a life or death emergency. Also having a battery operated fm radio can come in handy to get up to date news and weather reports. Before winter also be sure to change the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Also be sure they are all working properly

With all of these things you will be able to outlive the storm and even add to the list. Please remember to be safe and follow all local driving bans as they are announced for your safety.

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