Select, Store Green Vegetables: Tips and Tricks

When I was a young bride, I would stand in the produce department of my local supermarket and I would worry that I would select the wrong vegetables. I didn’t want to bring home ones that were not fresh simply because I did not know for certain that my selection process was correct. Later on, I realized that it wasn’t so difficult after all. I stopped worrying about it and I just shopped. I picked them up, looked them over and made my decision. Many times in life we place such importance on the littlest of matters, like picking vegetables, when it is just no big deal. Let me help you a bit and add to your confidence regarding selecting vegetables so you, too, can move on to much more important things.

How to pick broccoli?

The stalks should be firm and the stalks should be tight. They should be very green, no mold, and look like miniature trees.You don’t want any yellow buds and if they have a strong smell, leave them at the store.

How to pick brussel sprouts?

You will be looking for a bright green color with no old leaves on top. They should be firm and basically look fresh. The outer leaves of the sprouts should be tight fitting and not look like they have begun to wilt.

How to pick carrots?

This is an easy one. They should be firm and bright orange and with very few cracks.

How to pick cauliflower?

Pretty white and nicely compacted. Again, no mold or old looking areas. It should not be spotted on the top or dull looking.

How to pick a great artichoke?

The globes of the artichoke should be a deep green and you want to select the heavier feeling ones. If you want an official test for freshness, just press some leaves against each other and you should hear a squeaking type sound. Stay away from artichokes with brown tips or those that may be wilting.

How to pick asparagus?

Look for that bright green color with firm tips. Do not select the asparagus that are open or with ribbing on their spears as they are aged and will not offer you a good flavor.

How to pick celery?

This is an easy one. If it looks nice and green and not wilted, buy it. I honesty cannot remember the last time, if ever, that I purchased a stalk of celery and brought it home and it was bad. This is definitely one of the more obvious ones.

Now you have purchased your vegetables and want to keep them fresh. The vege drawer in your fridge will do the trick. Keep an eye on this drawer as it is easy to leave something in there a little too long and it goes bad and then sits among all your fresh veges. There are many schools of thought related to keeping them fresh. You can purchase those green bags that they sell everywhere now that say they keep things fresher longer. I use Ziploc bags and make sure all the air is out and they are tightly closed. I rotate my stock by putting the newer celery behind the older one, etc. The best way that I have found to keep my vegetables fresh is by not buying so much of it in the first place. I can always buy more at the store and then there is less waste.

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