The Bosch Evolution: An Affordable and Trustworthy Dishwasher

About a year ago the Hot Point Dishwasher that was supplied with my home began to show its age. The dry cycle would continually fail, the timer kept popping off, and the dishwasher kept leaking water all over my beautiful kitchen flooring. Did I panic? No I just nursed the dishwasher along while I researched its replacement; the Hot Point Dishwasher had given me 18 years of trouble free service. After researching several models online I decided that a Bosch was the best option, in California our home depot stores have a large selection of Bosch models on display so choosing my dishwasher wasn’t difficult.

For my family (four of us) we constantly generate dirty dishes, my dishwasher usually runs full by the end of the week so I needed a model that could handle the load. Since I entertain I tend to fill my dishwasher with large sized serving trays to I also needed a large capacity model, preferably with adjustable racks. While my Hot Point handled washing dishes remarkably well, it still could not properly dry larger loads. I wanted to keep the price for my next dishwasher under $1200 so I figured that I would have the wiggle room to get a reasonable model.

After looking over several models at my local home depot I became attached to the Bosch Evolution� 500 SHE45M05UC. This stainless steal beauty had everything I wanted and the best part was the incredible price, $800 which was quite the bargain.

Key Features of the Bosch:

4 separate cleaning cycles
14 Place setting capacity
Stainless steel tub
Adjustable tines
Modular silverware basket
Very high temperature wash
Condensation drying
What makes This Great?

Adjustable Racks & Maximum Utilization of Space – The racks inside this Bosch model are quite large measuring 420 square inches of usable space, impressive compared to rival models. The racks have 14 adjustable place settings so you generously fit almost any type of cookware. The nylon tines used on the basket can also be folded flat or you can angle it to fit the shape of your pots & pans. You can also divide the basket into three or four different places for optimal space utilization.

The Pot Scrubbing Feature – This is a feature that is standard on most modern dish washers, however the Bosch model can clean even the filthiest dishes thanks to a 161 degree water temperature. This is accomplished thanks to a flow through sealed tank less water heater that is built into the dishwasher.

The Quick Wash Cycle – This is the cycle I use during entertaining when I need to reuse dinnerware. This cycle only runs for 30 minutes so I usually rinse the dishes before using this cycle. Although this cycle has worked flawlessly for me I have noticed that I end up having to hand dried my dishes.

The Condensation Drying Method – My previous dishwasher used an external heating element, the Bosch uses the extreme temperature generated by the final rinse, thus eliminating the need for an external heating element. I noticed that in most cases even with a heavy load of dishes that this feature works surprisingly well.

I’ve owned my Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M05UC Stainless Steel Dishwasher for several months now and I couldn’t be happier. The dishwasher lacks child proofing which isn’t a viable risk if you have small children. But for the $800 price tag you can’t do much better in terms of a quality product.

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