How to Shine a Laminate Countertop

A laminate countertop is durable, but it will eventually lose the shine as the surface begins to wear away. It becomes worn after years of wiping, and it can become damaged and dull when topped with pans, plates and other hot items. It is not as resilient as other materials, but it comes in a wide range of designs and colors. On a positive note, it is one of the least expensive. It is possible to shine a laminate countertop. The new shine will not last forever, but it will last for weeks or months on end.

Polish a Worn Laminate Countertop with Food Grade Wax

It is important to use caution when trying to shine a countertop. Never use anything potentially toxic. Since food is prepared and served on the surface, it is vital to use a food grade product. The safest way to shine a worn laminate countertop is with food grade wax. It can be found in woodworking stores, and it is typically used to shine and seal wooden bowls, utensils, cutting boards and other items that will come in contact with food. Follow the directions on the product, and reapply it as necessary.

How to Repair a Plastic Laminate Countertop

Sometimes it is more than the shine that needs to be repaired on a plastic laminate countertop. Nicks, scratches and burns can make it unsightly. Simply polishing the surface will not solve the problem. The article entitled Repair your Plastic Laminate Countertop provides valuable information on how to easily fix and/or hide the damage. A lack of shine will not matter if the surface is flawed.

Consider Resurfacing a Worn Countertop for a Brand New Shine

When the shine is gone from a laminate countertop, the finish has been worn away. Food grade wax is a temporary way to restore the shine. Consider resurfacing a worn countertop, and create a brand new shine. Kits are available in home improvement stores and online, and they are incredibly easy to use. When completed correctly, the surface will look brand new. As long as it is sturdy, it will last for many more years. It is much cheaper to refinish a dull counter than it is to completely replace it. Best of all, you can enjoy the look of granite or another more desirable material for far less than ever imagined.

Source: Personal Home Design and Decorating Experience

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