Sha Qi in Your Feng Shui Environment

Auspicious energy or inauspicious energy, it is important to know what to do in either case. Sha qi is a negative energy that can often be avoided by choosing the proper building site, home, floor plan and interior design. Here we talk about the sha qi that can be created by buildings and geographical features.

Outdoor sha qi can take many forms; buildings, water, natural geographical feature, roads and more. How close you are to these features is important. Also of concern is the direction and aspect of the features around you.

In cities and the suburbs where buildings can be close together the way they relate to each other can be important. Large office buildings often have huge expanses of reflective glass wall. This can be a problem for their neighbors. It creates glare and reflects heat to nearby buildings. If the building near you has an outward curving wall facing you or the corner of the building is pointing at you that also is considered a sha qi. Often in parks you will find war memorials that include cannons. If they are pointing towards you that is definitely a sha.

In the country you may live near a mountain or hill. If they are too close to you this can affect your health and mental state. It can also cause problems with rain runoff and erosion which may lead to foundation or mold problems in your home.

Lakes and even swimming pools may prevent energy from arriving at your door during certain time periods. Stagnant ponds or polluted rivers will once again affect your health, both physical and mental.

The health of the vegetation in your area is also important. Dead and dying trees create a sha qi and will affect the portion of your house they are near and the occupants in that area. Over grown shrubs and trees near your house will block your vision and created problems for foundations, plumbing and air exchange.

Are you near a school, church, funeral home, or cemetery? These all create a certain amount of sha of differing kinds, from too active to not active enough.

What can you do if you have one of these conditions? Often landscaping will soften the problems. If you can block the view of the sha you are less affected. Sometime you can close off a door or window. This can be done with curtains, blinds or even screens or bookcases. Be creative.

Now go out and look around the neighborhoods where you work and live.

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