Everything Has Fallen to Pieces

Everything has fallen to pieces,
My life is has no value,
Once I had a address,
But I have lost my home,
Lord, help me, I don’t feel like I can go on,
It is the holiday,s
I just found out I’m not getting paid,
What am I going to do about the lights,
Lord, tonight, I don’t want another fight.

I can’t see a way out,
No where to hide,
In me, nothing resides,
I feel like trash truck,
Without any luck,
My life is gone,
I made mistakes, I was wrong.

Where am I going,
My faith is on leave,
Lord, help me is my plea!

Help me, find my way,
I’m tired of doing things, and I have no pay,
Grandmother said, ” When you fall you can get up!
The road may seem lonely,
It won’t always be that way,
You can be restored,
Your spirit can come back alive!

Your words can change your life,
Talk to your future,
Listen to yourself,
If you don’t make it,
You can’t blame anybody else.

You can make it,
If you try,
Move in slow motion,
One day at a time,
Things will turn around,
Life, you will find,
All you have to do,
Is tell yourself,

Somebody is bigger than you and I!

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