I Knew You Then

I knew you then, reminiscing about happy times gone by and recalling memories of love has bring comfort to my heart because I new you then. But all is an illusion when viewed through the eyes of my emotions, I knew you then.

But what should I do, who should I choose who should I leave behind, as I go on my quest to find, I knew you then. Are you someone from my past, a lover or just a friend? My heart goes from despair to delight only to go back to despair again, I knew you then.

What is my heart trying to tell me, is this twisted path right for me, will illumination follow, I knew you then. Such questions keeps pulling on my heart string and makes my heart ache, can this be an obsession, or is it an obsession? But what does the soul say? It yearns and burn like a raging volcano, like a bottomless well, my feelings run deep, my soul is on fire, because I knew you then.

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