Blissful Reunion

Love! Sweet love! Streaming endlessly into a “melting pot” of happiness for two great like minds. Oh! What a blissful reunion of determined, endeared minds absolutely resolved to make the best of the past ruins and woes. Welcome on board!

Oh! What a blissful reunion. You are the real cream of the love kingdom. Dolorously, throwing light and achieving a seemingly impossible task to many. Doubting despondent folks! Wake up! This is your chance, take a queue!

You have now come of age, the ruins and shame of the past had come and gone. You should no longer, dedeviled or hunted by the events and pit falls of the past will you look forward to the stack realities of your new disposition? Remember the pit is very close. Be alert!

Remember the whole world are your witnesses to this great reunion. It must never fail. The mistakes of the past are serious food for thought and by lessons for today. Your detractors are ever ready at your doorstep to make a mockery of your downfall. Be cautious!

Compromise! Is the rule of the game, two wrongs can never make a right. This new string of bond should not break; you are responsible for your faith. Posterity will judge! It must not fail! This new ‘egg’ must not break. Enjoy the blissful reunion.

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