Ex-Burglar: Top 5 Ways Homeowners Invite Burglars into Their Home

It’s extremely rare if a burglar burglarizes a home at random. Before a burglar targets a home, the burglar usually has some type of information such as valuables inside the home or the type of home security system installed.

Unfortunately, homeowners are often the ones responsible for handing the information directly to the burglar.It’s the invitation a burglar doesn’t need but will always use.

Here are top 5 ways homeowners invite burglars and thieves into their home:

5. Failure to Display Security System Decal in Visible Area

Placing the security system decal in area that can be easily seen is a great deterrent. A burglar will be intimidated by the decal and most likely will not make your home a target.

It’s recommended to use window sticker decals on as many windows and doors possible. Also, invest in a lawn stake displaying the security system logo.

The last thing you want is a burglar walking up to your front door to find out whether you have a security decal or not.

4. Allowing Mail and Newspapers Pile Up

When a burglar sees mail piled up in the mailbox or four newspapers scattered over your property, it’s screaming you are not home. If you know you will not be home for a few days or weeks, let a trusted neighbor or family member take care of your newspaper and mail.

Be sure not to publicly announce you’ll be gone for a few days or weeks on social media sites.

3. Discarding Boxes of Electronics in Visible Areas

This is an extremely common mistake most homeowners make. Showing that gorgeous 50″ L.E.D. Flat Screen TV you’ve just purchased from Best Buy invites a burglar into your home. Aside from cash and jewelry, electronics are the top items a burglar targets.

Break down your boxes small enough to fit normally with the rest of your trash. For extremely large boxes, simply discard them at a nearby dumpster.

Do not make your empty L.E.D. TV box visible to burglars. Keep in mind, a burglar may check your trash cans for boxes as well.

2. Failing to Arm Security System

There is no reason to invest in a home security system if it will never be armed. Many homeowners fail to arm their security system leaving their home at risk of being burglarized. In the event a burglar is casing you or your home, you’ve just given him a key piece of information: There is no security system being used.

Even if you are leaving your home to take a quick trip to the nearby convenience store, arm your security system.

It cannot be repeated enough. Arm your security system.

1. Not Properly Locking all Doors, Windows, and Gates

Not properly locking a lock is probably the most common way a burglar will enters a home. Ironically, it’s also the most common thing homeowners fail to do.

Be sure to lock all locks on all doors, windows, and gates. Not locking the dead bolt on the front door is the worst thing you can do. A burglar can easily use a credit card to “jimmy” the door knob, opening your door quicker than if he had a copy of your key. Lock both the door knob and deadbolt.

Lock all windows and, if possible, invest in a high-resistant glass on first floor windows to decrease your chances of a forced entry.

Lastly, lock all gates. You’re inviting a burglar onto your property or back yard by not doing so.

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