Excellent Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink

There are many types of Kitchen sinks on the market right now, and many ways to clean them. Whether you have a Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Glass, Copper, or Brass…..there are great cleaning tips for you! Keep in mind the ease of cleaning any particular type of sink when buying. Stainless steel is a very easy to care for and they can stand up to most of the cleaners out there. If you are going for beauty and originality, there are ways of caring for other lovely types of sinks. The choice is yours. With care and research, your sink will be gleaming for years to come!

Stainless Steel

1) Using a clean cloth with some white vinegar will work wonders

2) You can sprinkle baking soda around the sink then scrub it down with dish brush.

3) For extra shine, wipe fixtures with rubbing alcohol…you will be able to see yourself in them.

4) Baby oil or olive oil will finish your sink with tons of shine!


1) Clean the sink with white vinegar. This is a great way to remove any grease on the surface and disinfect.

2) Lemon juice is another great way to remove stubborn stains.

3) You can also gently buff away discoloration with cream cleanser.


1) First of all, do not use anything abrasive!

2) Ask your local home improvement store for recommendations on special marble cleaner.

3) A microfiber cleaning cloth and a gentle low detergent cleaner is your best bet.


1) Do not use lemon or vinegar on granite, these could be too harsh.

2) Most cleaners that work for marble will also work on granite sinks.

3) Be careful not to allow citrus or other food and drinks to sit in the sink, they could eat away at the surface!

4) Do not use any dry cleaners or abrasive cleaners.

5) It is very highly recommended to use a specialty cleaner on this type of sink also.


1) Copper should simply be cleaned and polished with a soft cloth.


1) Use an ammonia free glass cleaner to create a shine and beat water spots


1) Keeping the area wiped clean to prevent dust build up will help the finish.

2) Wiping the sink dry in between uses will help to delay the darkening of the finish when exposed to water.

Always test all products in a very inconspicuous place first. Having a sink refinished or replaced is a costly endeavor. It always pays to do your research, and to never be afraid to ask someone at a home improvement store for suggestions on the best cleaner for your specific needs.

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