Industrial Style Storage Boxes Made with Brick Wall Paper

You can make the simplest brown moving box and turn it into a beautiful and industrial storage box to rival those fancy storage boxes you find at most home d�©cor shops. Pretty storage boxes can cost a pretty penny, but you can easily make your own using brick pattern embossed wall paper.

If you want to create cool storage boxes with lids, then simply use leftover copy paper boxes! They are easy to cover in wallpaper and look awesome!

To Make Beautiful Storage Boxes You Will Need:

Brick embossed wall paper

Spray adhesive



Paint brush

To get started covering your plain moving boxes in this brick embossed wall paper you need to lay out a sheet of wall paper, just like wrapping paper.

Go ahead and trim off the top flaps on the brown cardboard box. You wallpaper will cover the cut edges and make your storage boxes look professional and ready for use in any room in your home.

Now, wrap the box just like a gift. Use spray adhesive on the wallpaper to adhere it on all sides to the box. You may want to use the spray adhesive outside, since it tends to get everywhere earn can be sticky.

Now, you are left with a completely wrapped box you cannot get into. So, use an exacto knife to cut a large X in the top of the box.

Fold the four triangles down into the storage box and glue them down with more a spray adhesive or a brush on glue.

You can also tri the triangular shaped flaps as needed.

Repeat this on all the plain boxes you will be transforming.

Now, you are ready to paint your brick storage boxes. You can go with a solid color or more a faux brick paint treatment.

For the brick treatment on the storage box simple use some watercolor paints or acrylic paints to paint the grout a gray color.

Now, use a sponge to dab on reddish brown on the bricks. You can use a painter’s tape to protect the grout color while you paint the brick.

Let this dry and your faux brick storage box is finished and ready to display!

Now matter what paint technique you do on this box, go easy with the amount of paint you use. The base is a cardboard box and you do not want to saturate it. The embossed wallpaper is meant to be painted, so you can get a good coat on there with little worry.

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