Exciting Cookout Ideas

Cookouts, or the grilling of food outdoors, are an activity enjoyed around the world. For quite some time, cookouts in America have generally revolved around hotdogs and hambugers. Often, side dishes such as potato salad, or corn on the cob are offered. Tasty to be sure, but not necessarily exciting.

No longer just a warm- weather pursuit, many people now enjoy cookouts year- round. Many food items previously cooked indoors exclusively, now appear on outdoor grills with some degree of regularity. Since the art of cooking, itself, is essentially applying food to a heat source, virtually any food should be capable ofbeing cooked outdoors.While this is true theoretically, (even a cake could be cooked on a grill) in practicality however, not all foods are meant to be cooked outdoors.

In recent years, intrepid cooks everywhere have been experimenting with and grilling foods previously unheard of as cookout items. This ‘ thinking outside the box’ has produced some exciting cookout ideas. Fruits and vegetables are popular grill items, adding a new dimension of flavor and freshness to the cookout experience.

Presented here are several exciting cookout ideas, which are actually tried and true restaurant dishes, which transfer to cookout delicacies, quite easily. Some of these exciting cookout ideas call for cooking meats, poultry, or fish fully, beforehand. This ensures both food safety and quick and easy grill work. The dynamic and exciting cookout ideas listed here are sure to surprise and satisfy cookout fans everywhere.
Buon Appetite’.

Garlic- Aioli Shrimp..Mix together enough mayonnaise and finely- chopped garlic or garlic powder to coat desired number of uncooked shrimp. Adjust amount of garlic, according to taste. Fully coat shrimp in mayonnaise mixture. Grill until mayo is brown and crusty and shrimp is cooked.

Chicken, Cherry Tomato, Corn Kebabs..On skewers, alternate pieces of fully- cooked chicken, cherry tomatoes and corn on the cob, cut into 1 inch slices. Coat with Hoisin( Chinese BBQ), Teriyaki, or BBQ sauce, if desired. Grill until hot. **note..If using wooden skewers, briefly pre- soak skewers in cold water, to prevent burning.

Green Shrimp..Combine equal amounts of fresh parsley and scallions. Finely dice, or grind in food processor, until almost pasty. Add a small amount of vegetable oil and garlic. Form into paste. Coat shrimp with paste, grill until done.

Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs..Alternate pieces of fully- cooked chicken, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash and green peppers on skewers. Grill until hot. Coat with teriyaki sauce, if desired.

Beef Kabobs..Alternate pieces of uncooked steak,3/4 inch slices of sweet potato and pearl onions (or regular onion slices), on skewers. Grill until beef is cooked.

BBQ Ribs.. Boil or bake ribs until 90% cooked. Cover with BBQ sauce. Grill until fully- cooked.

Bratwurst..Par- boil links, or place uncooked links on grill, and cook until done. Serve with grilled onions and mustard.

Lamb Kabobs.. Alternate pieces of uncooked lamb, 1/2 inch potato slices, onions and mushrooms on skewers. Cook until done.

Kafta Burgers..A Middle- Eastern delight, kafta burgers can be made using lamb or beef. Combine beef or lamb with small amounts of cinnamon, finely- diced red onion, chopped cilantro, cumin and salt and pepper. Form into patties and grill until done.

Soy/ Maple Salmon..Combine soy sauce and maple syrup at a 50/50 ratio. Marinate salmon in sauce and grill until done.

Fresh Tuna or Swordfish..Marinate fish in a small amount of vegetable oil, salt, pepper and white wine(optional). Grill until done.

Mayonnaise- Crusted Bluefish..Coat uncooked bluefish with mayonnaise. Cook until brown and crusty on outside, and fish is done.

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