Expect the Unexpected: Gearing Up for Fire Emergencies

Many just don’t recognize the magnitude and depth of damage caused by fire.

And if you’re one of them, I think it’s about time you’re made aware of some alarming facts about fire accidents and emergencies:

– 2 million fires occur in the United States annually.

– Approximately 100 firefighters die while on duty…we are talking about people who went through hundreds of hours of training for firefighting!

– Every year, about $8.6 BILLION worth of properties and possessions are decimated

And last and worst of all, fire kills MORE Americans than all of the natural calamities combined!

Sounds alarming?

It sure is BUT now isn’t the time to panic. This is the time to figure out an emergency plan for the whole household in case of fire accident or emergency.

And if you’re clueless where and how to start, I have some practical and time-tested tips for fire emergency planning that will get you started in the right direction.

Gearing Up For Fire Emergencies Tip 1

So every Monday morning your schools or offices conduct fire drills to help prepare everyone when fire disaster strikes?

Why NOT have one for the family?

That’s a MUST especially when you realize that 80% of deaths during fire occur at home and family dwellings.

Check out your house. Look for possible exits like windows and doors. Better yet, make a detailed floor plan of your house…and I mean DETAILED. It should include everything that is critical for a fire exit like:

– Stairs

– Windows

– Hallways

– Backdoors

Lastly, find at LEAST 2 fire exits that is accessible for everyone.

After finishing the detailed floor plan, it’s time to gather every family member and brief them about the floor plan and fire exits.

Gearing Up For Fire Emergencies Tip 2

Practice makes perfect…and will SAVE lives during fire calamities.

There’s nothing better than getting the whole family act out the evacuation plan.

It’s important that the whole family including the kids know the fire exits by heart since they have to stay floored…close to the ground as the whole place is covered with smoke when a fire strikes.

Here are some tips and reminders that should be known by heart:

– Do NOT open a door when the knob is hot

– When one catches fire, they should lie down and roll to help extinguish it

– Do NOT panic

Gearing Up For Fire Emergencies Tip 3

Prevention is better than cure.

Keep your family safe from fire. Here are some handy and easy-to-do tips that everyone has to keep in mind:

– If possible (and within budget), install a smoke detector and make sure they’re changed once a year.

– A fire extinguisher every floor will help nip a spreading fire in its bud.

– It’s best to implement a “No Smoking” policy. However, if it can’t be helped orient the family how to properly get rid of cigarette buds.

– Keep emergency phone numbers near the telephone so you can call for help IMMEDIATELY when a fire starts out.

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