Expert Roofer Offers Tips for Roof Maintenance and Replacement

Your home’s roof is essential to the house structure and value. James Price, owner of A Price is Right Roofing, Inc. has been in the roofing business 26 years and licensed in Paulding County Georgia since 1996. James took time to offer some expert tips for roof maintenance and replacement to ensure your roof maintains the structural integrity and value of your home.

Roof Maintenance

First, James recommends you have your roof inspected at least every 10 years. Maintenance and inspection service generally costs about $300, but is worth it in the long run. Short term maintenance may save you the cost of replacing a roof prematurely and may save structural damage to your home and roof.

An inspection will ensure there are no nail pops. Loose or missing roofing nails will be replaced, and the roofer will ensure that no water damage has already taken place. The roofer will check for and secure any loose shingles.

According to James, of Price is Right Roofing, the inspection is also the time to have plumbing boots replaced. You may also want to have your gutter system checked and maintained at the same time.

The roofer should also re-caulk and seal your chimney flashing during the inspection.

A good roofing company should include these services in a maintenance check.

Time for a New Roof

Eventually the time comes to replace an aging or damaged roof. The most obvious sign it is time to replace or repair the roof is when leaks stain the inside of your ceiling. Another sign that it is time for a new roof is when shingle granules begin to show up in your gutters and/or driveway, when shingle tabs are torn, or the roof appears to sag or dip. It’s also time for a new roof when excessive mildew begins to show on shingles.

When it comes to selecting your new roof, there are many options available. Unless you want to buy another roof too soon, select quality shingles. Some of the more popular options include 25 year algae resistant roofing, 30 year architectural shingles, and metal roofing. Metal roofing comes with a lifetime guarantee, with a 25 year guarantee on paint.

Once you decide it’s time for a new roof make sure you hire a good roofer with a solid reputation.

A Good Roofer

James of A Price is Right Roofing, who learned the business from his father, recommends you look for the following qualities in a good roofing company:

Find a roofer who can meet your specific roofing needs. Don’t be a guinea pig; find someone with experience and expertise in the business. You’ll get better quality work, and less chance of shoddy work, including loose shingles and leaks.

A professional roofer will give you a fair estimate of the time it will take to complete the job. The time frame should align with general standards in the roofing business, as mentioned above. The work should be done in a timely manner. According to James, a reasonable roof replacement time schedule is 2-3 days for an average 3 bedroom, two bath home.

The best way to check out a roofer’s professionalism and timeliness is to ask for current references. Take time to follow up with previous customers and be sure the roofer completed previous jobs professionally and in a timely manner. If a roofer hesitates to give references, James suggests you find another roofer. A good roofer will have a list of satisfied customers you should be able to contact. You can even do a drive-by to take a look at the roofer’s work.

Some of the additional services A Price is Right Roofing offers are emergency repairs, competitive prices including meeting a competitor’s written estimate, and highly qualified roofers. Day laborers may not get the job done to your satisfaction. James hires only experienced roofers who share the company goal of customer satisfaction.

A Price is Right Roofing goes above and beyond the average roofing companies serving Paulding County, West Cobb County, Douglas County, and Carol County Georgia. Among roofers in the industry in West Georgia, A Price is Right Roofing is known for their exceptional customer service, fair prices, and community involvement. Look for these characteristics in your area to assure yourself of a quality job for your investment. You can’t afford a make-shift job on roof repair or replacement.

A Price is Right Roofing, owned and operated by James offers roof maintenance, roof replacement, and roofing for new construction. If you live in or around Paulding County, you will not find a better roofer.

For an estimate in the West Georgia area call James, at A Price is right Roofing at 770-459-9969. (Cell 770-616-1068).

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