Options for Soundproofing Your Condo

I remember how excited I was to move into my first condo. It had shiny oak wood floors, freshly painted, and renovated kitchen and marble counter tops. The only problem was my neighbors. Upstairs, downstairs and next door, the noise was unbelievable. Between the music bumping, the walking from room to room, barking dogs and parties it was almost impossible for me to get any sleep. That’s not even talking about the screaming babies (no fault of their own of course) that went all through the night. How in the world can you live in your condo peacefully while still respecting your neighbors? The key is to insulate your condo.

One hidden secret that a lot of condo owners don’t know about is the concept of sound-proofing your condo. Now before you get started, one of the first things you should do is contact your condo association and get a background on the rules and regulations related to doing renovations. Although this may set you back as far as time goes, but your condo association may see this as a priority and could foot at least a part of your final bill.

After you’ve received permission from the association, you should go to a home utility store and purchase quietrock, acoustic foam or mass-loaded vinyl. These are usually the soundproofing materials of choice for most homeowners who are looking to sound proof their rooms.

Quietrock is a gypsum product that contains a layer of elastic polymer that turns sound vibrations into a form of heat that is very easily dispersed into the gypsum. Mass-loaded vinyl is just vinyl siding that is extra dense. This extra denseness makes it a superior sound proofer. Finally, acoustic foam is usually textured and resembles an egg carton. It is the most visible of the soundproofing methods but also the least permanent.

All of the options above can be installed in your walls and ceilings. Just make sure you DO NOT cover any electrical outlets with these materials. Pay close attention to the manufacturers instructions and if you have any questions, contact a licensed contractor or an installation professional.

If you want to sound proof your floor, you can use rubber mats under your carpet. If you have hardwood floors, then find a contractor to see if it’s possible to place rubber matting underneath your wood floors without disturbing the structure or leveling of the floor.

The decision you make basically depends on the amount of time you want to keep the sound proofing on. If this is a long term investment, then go with the mass-vinyl or gypsum. If this is short term, then look into the acoustic foam.

No matter what the decision, you will get your relief from noise in your condo.

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