Eye Lift Surgery; Prevention, Disadvantages and Alternative Approaches

With aging, many individuals contemplate the concept of eye lift surgery. With the cost for surgery continuing to increase, as the number of baby boomers reaching 40’s and 50’s, seeking an alternative approach to eye lift surgery may be the best approach. Understanding the basic preventative measures required to prevent eye lid drooping, the disadvantages to eye lift surgery and the alternative options will aide the consumer in making the best informed decision.

With age, our eye lids begin to droop around the age of 30. As we lose the collagen and elasticin in our skin, in combination with exposure to sun and societal extremes, the face is usually the first area to suffer. As a preventative measure, nutritionists recommend increasing vitamin intake, increasing water intake, eat a well balanced meal and push for daily exercise. By doing so, there is an increase in the moisture of our skin cells in addition to an increase in blood flow thereby increasing the plump or more youthful look to the skin.

When preventative measures lead to inadequate results, many turn to eye lid surgery. While surgery is very successful, there are many disadvantages. With cost as a significant factor, in addition to the period of recovery, one should examine the need for eye lid surgery very closely. Side effects of eye lid surgery include bruising and swelling around the lids for several weeks, change in vision and a slight visual scar. In rare cases, nerve damage around the eyebrow and delayed recovery, due to smoking, alcohol intake or lack of nutrition, may result.

When considering eye lift surgery, one should also consider alternative forms of treatment. Very popular right now is the use of Retin-A topical lotions which lends its success to the tightening of the skin. However, this approach tends to work well in individuals under the age of 30. Another alternative would be eye lid threading which has become widely popular as it allows for a non-surgical approach wherein a suture is placed under the skin to lift and tighten the skin under the eye. With this approach, only a tiny incision is required and can be performed in the surgeon’s office. Additionally, with eye lid threading, the suture can be tightened as age progresses in an effort to avoid eye lift surgery. And, finally, there is an increased call for a laser therapy approach called Thermolift. Using radiofrequency waves, the Thermolift procedure heats the skin cells causing the skin to lift and tighten. The advantages include immediate return to work, one hour procedure performed in the doctor’s office and the procedure can be performed on all skin colors with no pigmentation effect.

From topical creams to threading, from increased vitamin intake to ensuing plenty of rest, there are many alternatives available to women seeking a non-surgical approach to eye lid surgery. When considering your options, visit with your dermatologic, nutritionist and plastic surgeon to become well informed of all of the plastic surgery options and preventative measures to be considered.

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