Fabulous Flag Crafts for Holidays or Any Day

The most fabulous thing about flag crafts is that they’re good for any time of year, not just Independence Day. There are some very easy flag crafts that kids or parents can do in minutes, and there are other ones that take a little longer. But, the quick and easy ones are just as impressive as the more involved crafts.

One of the quickest flag crafts ever is to make a magnet. Cut a picture of a flag out of a magazine, or print one from your computer, then use sticky magnetic sheet to make a magnet for car or fridge. Since the magnet comes in varieties of small sheets or huge rolls, you can make giant flags or small ones. If the magnet will be used on a vehicle, it’s a good idea to laminate it, but if you don’t have any laminate sheets, cover it in clear tape before sticking it to the magnet.

Cut flag pictures out and make bookmarks, too. Laminate the picture and poke a hole at the top with a hole puncher. Add a piece of golden roping to give it more detail. These are great gifts that are very inexpensive to make.

An easy flag wall hanging for kids to make consists of ribbon and cardboard. Lay out the cardboard and let kids glue wide stripes of red and white ribbon. Buy blue buttons shaped like stars, or purchase a pack of craft stars for the project. Use gold cord to wrap around the sides and bottom of the cardboard, then leave some slack at the top for hanging.

Cardboard rockets that contain a variety of fireworks make great banks after the holiday. Paint the rocket, cover it in fabric, or wrap it in shelf paper. Cut a slit in the rocket top for the coins to be inserted. Since the top lifts off to allow access to the fireworks, it makes it easy to retrieve the coins, too.

Kids can easily decorate tee shirts to resemble flags. They can start with a red or white shirt, or even a red and white striped shirt. Fabric paints are an easy way to decorate, since they are dispensed right from the tube and there’s no brushes needed. Buy star-shaped buttons to decorate around the collar or all over the chest pocket. You’ll find stars in many designs, colors and sizes at any craft store.

Kids can decorate shoes in red, white and blue fashion by simply changing the shoestrings and adding beads. White tennis shoes look great with red strings and blue, star-shaped beads. Or leave the white strings in the white shoes and thread red and blue beads onto the strings.

Decorate purses, then un-decorate them by using craft wire and beads. Wrap the end of the wire around a metal loop of the purse, or another area, then string one bead. Twist the wire so the bead remains in place. Add another bead, twist the wire, another bead, twist the wire, until you have the amount of beads needed to complete the strand. Wrap the last end of the wire around another metal loop of the purse, or in another location. This is a great way to decorate the purse strap, pockets of the purse, or just randomly all over the purse. When the holiday is over, simply remove the bead-filled wire.

Welcome visitors with a red, white and blue front door. Use tape or tacks to attach a large piece of red or white fabric to the door. Choose the opposite color for making stripes and attach those to the door as well. Glue blue buttons, foam pieces, or other star-shaped notions onto one corner of the door. Variations include using red fabric and white chalk or white fabric with red permanent marker.

Fourth of July crafts are fun and easy. Visit your local craft supply store and you’ll come up with all sorts of ideas for Independence Day crafts for clothes, cars, home and businesses.

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