Face Excercises – an Easy Makeover

Get your own extreme makeover! Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common. But it is still expensive and maybe not for everyone. There is a simple, low-cost alternative. Try face exercises.

They really work and they are economical and easy to learn.

Here is a sampling of some very good exercises that are easy to do and really produce results.

Chipmunk chin? If you are beginning to look like you are storing nuts under your chin for the winter – consider the following very simple technique.

Place your tongue up against the back of your teeth. Place one hand gently under your chin so you can feel the action of the muscles as you do the exercise.

Now, suck hard with your tongue on the back of your teeth. Hold approximately 30-60 seconds. You should feel the muscles tightening under your chin, which will lead to a firmer jawline. Repeat at least 5-10 times daily.

As you learn how to do this, you will no longer need to hold your hand under your chin, so this gets very easy to do anywhere (riding in your car for instance).

Here’s another great and simple exercise that can really help you tone and lift the bags under your eyes.

Relax your face. Close your eyes. Place one of your hands very gently under one of your eyelids.

Now, push your upper eyelid up by lifting the muscle under your eye. Imagine that you are doing little under eye push ups. You can tell if you are doing this correctly if your eyelashes raise up a little bit. Repeat 8-10 times and you should see almost immediate results. Again, as you get used to doing these, you will no longer need to place your hand under your eyes.

There are lots of other effective exercises. As I recall, I first learned these decades ago from a terrific book called “Miss Craig’s Face-Saving Exercises”. I misplaced it years ago and I believe the book is now out of print. However, there are used copies available on Amazon.com. Her exercises are terrific and very useful. There are also a number of other Internet and library resources about face exercises that can help you improve your appearance with very little effort.

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