Healthy ways to deal with anxiety

So many things can trigger the sort of anxiety we see nowadays. And most of the time, we do not have control over those external factors but what we have control over is how we deal with these issues internally. Some people choose to find solace in negative outlets which only allow them to avoid the problem; not deal with it. This article focuses on healthy ways to deal with anxiety.


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    Know What Triggers Your Anxiety

    There are surrounding factors that are solely responsible for triggering anxiety within people. It might be your place of work, family, relationship, the uncertainty of life. Retreat into yourself and examine the factors surgically. As you do this, do not see yourself as some helpless victim incapable of maneuvering. Anxieties creep into the minds of even the most confident person you know in your life but these people do not allow themselves to be crippled by these anxieties. This means they have dissected it and seen the roots of the problem.

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    Talk To Someone

    Talking to someone has also been seen as a very effective means to deal with anxiety. The moment it kicks in, immediately talk to a friend or someone you trust well enough to help you get past it instead of letting it eat at you from within.

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    Take Deep Breaths

    There is a psychological effect that results from taking deep breaths anytime one is experiencing a form of distress. So give it a try and see what happens. As you take deep breaths in and out you will find your metabolism decreasing, your heart beating slower, your muscles relaxing, breathing becomes slower and your blood pressure decreasing all these with create an overall sense of calm within your body.

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    Maintain A Positive Attitude

    Anxiety has been proven to cause paranoia and other forms of highly anti-social behavior which will only serve to heighten the levels of anxiety within the affected person further making harder for the person to have access to help. Whenever that happens, refuse to react negatively to the anxiety, instead cultivate a habit of maintaining a positive attitude. And by doing so, you are indirectly letting your body know that you are totally in control. Go out, socialize, pursue your hobbies anything you need to surround yourself with positive energy.

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    Count To 10 Slowly

    Do not let the anxiety get the best of you. Immediately start counting slowly from 10 downwards. The idea here is to distract you from the issue causing the issue causing the distraction, a sort of self hypnosis. By counting from 10 downwards, you prevent you from entering in to an ‘anxiety abyss” where your thought negative and your mind begins to play games on itself.

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    Do Your Best

    Anytime you feel the anxiety kicking in, do not delve into it. Focus on you and how you can react to counter it. For example, if you are worried about the state of your marriage or the education of your children, engage your spouse or teacher and communicate your concerns. If you need to seek a marriage counselor or find a new school, just remember communicate, get more information and if feasible act wisely. Do not just stand there consumed by issues


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    Find A Mantra

    Instead of allowing your mind to spin from the feeling of anxiety, try as much as possible to prevent that from happening by simply repeating the following words to yourself ‘’ I am in control”. You can choose any phrase you like just remember to keep it short it. This phrase will be your go to phrase to halt any anxiety attack. Just remember to choose a phrase that empowers you not one that leads you vulnerable.

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    Limit Alcohol And Caffeine Intake

    Studies have proven that people that consume alcohol and caffeine at a very high rate are more likely to get aggravated by anxiety compared to others that consume less. So take note!

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    Practice Mindfulness

    This is the ability to live in the now. Lao Tzu said that : "if you are depressed you are living the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future and if you are at peace, you are living in the present".  It is impossible to live in worry or frustration and all those negativity if you are centered on the now. Nothing else matters except what is going front of you. If there is a situation at hand that you can't do anything about then, it is perfectly alright to let go of it as you can't do anything about it, if you can, then sure. Other than that, don't be anxious of tomorrow because no one knows what she offers and forget the past because there can be nothing that can be done about it. But there is something that can be done about today, and that should be your focus. You have the ability to change the future by correcting mistake of the past by being in the present.

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