How to Lose Weight by Drinking Less Alcohol

Much that it is hard to accept, the universally loved alcohol does contribute to weight gain. If you are on a serious mission to lose weight, you will also have to cut back on your alcohol intake. Why? because alcohol gives you 7 calories per gram and so an average glass of wine gives you 350 calories. Leaving alcohol altogether in one go might prove to be a difficult job for you. It is better to start gradually so that you do not get second thoughts when the cravings knock. Our step by step guide lends a hand in this walk of shedding weight with simple changes in your lifestyle.


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    Understand the reasons:

    For a person whose average requirement is 2000 calories, this wine glass of 350 calories proves to be an expensive deal.The worst part is these calories are 'empty' calories with no nutritional value unlike those you gain from proteins and carbohydrates.The poor drink has another negative mark to it. When you consume alcohol, your metabolic rate decreases and everything you eat turns into fat. It also stimulates your appetiteĀ and since you become so carefree, you do not care anymore for your portion of food and end up over eating. Convincing enough? It sure is.

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    Reduce the serving size:

    Our body can process only two glasses of wine or beer in a day. So two glasses should be your maximum intake. However, look at your calorie chart and the amount of fat you want to reduce. Can you still afford two glasses of wine which make 700 calories? Reduce your portion of the alcoholic drink accordingly. Take small slow sips so that you savor the drink instead of finishing it up in an instant and wishing for another.

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    Go for less calorie options:

    There are low calorie options available in beers. Some are even under 100 calories a glass. Look out for the calorie count on the label and then go for them. However, remember that alcohol is always 7 calorie per gram so do not fall for the low carbohydrate options. Also remember that even if a glass of light beer or light wine is giving you under hundred calories, you still have to limit the number of glasses you drink.

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    Dilute it:

    Why not half fill your glass with wine and fill the other half with diet coke? This way you will be reducing the overall calorie count. It is all a calorie game. Another good option is to include other drinks in your diet like fresh juices and diet sodas. If you start savoring them, you will not miss the taste of alcohol. Do not give in to peer pressure in parties and explain politely the reason why you are refraining from drinking. They will understand.

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