Face Reading: What Your Ears Say About Your Early Years

Face reading is one of the oldest ways that the Chinese have used to tell fortunes and evaluate personalities. The face is a representation of the internal balance within, such that in Chinese doctors use face reading as an aid to diagnose a patient’s ailments. In everyday terms, there are faces you forget, and faces you remember, and faces you just dislike for some reason or another. Why do people go to surgery for a certain type of nose? It’s all about the face, in more ways than one.

While the ancient methods of face reading involve analysis of cosmic energies, the five elements and the balance of yin and yang, this series will cut to the chase and give you some easy, although somewhat generic ways of telling what facial features correspond with what type of fortune, personality, or health. Remember, each face is unique, and these methods are broad so they should not be considered as an end all and be all diagnostic of a person’s fortunes.

The Ears

What do your ears say about your years? The ear is actually representative of your fortunes from age one to age fourteen. From the shape to the position, your ears can say a lot about your fortunes in the early years and your personality.


1) The ear is as high or higher than the eyebrows: This means you are pure of thought with a high intellect, thus you will be steered toward the area of the arts or research. It also means that you will not destitute at any time in your life. You might not be a millionaire because you don’t follow the business track, but you won’t be poor.

2) The ear is lower than the eye: This mean you’re more practical when it comes to material possessions and you know what it takes to make yourself comfortable. Since your ears are also an indicator of your early years, this means you had a somewhat turbulent childhood, which is also why as an adult, you want stability and the possessions and comforts that comes that stability.

Size and Physical Characteristics:

1) Big ears: It’s a sign of vitality and independence. You are lively and energetic, but it often leads you to do whatever you want to. You take into consideration what other people have to say, but in the end, you will make your own choices.

2) Big earlobe: The Buddha had very big and long earlobes. So if you have big and long earlobes, it’s extremely good luck. Everything comes very easily to you, and you know how to enjoy life. If you run into trouble, there’s always a person there to lend you a helping hand.

3) Triangular earlobe: The earlobe is not fleshy and goes straight to the face. This is not a good sign. Your childhood was troubled and you’re not that close to your parents, thus you were lacking a good environment your studies.

4) Vulcan ears: The top of the ears is pointed, though perhaps not to the Vulcan or elf-like extent. If this is you, then you are creative and independent, often to the point of rebellion. You are the anti-traditional, the alternative thinker.

5) Big and rounded ear tops: You are exceptionally smart, though not in the traditional, grade-point average way. Understanding things comes easily, but you don’t apply your intellect to just everything. You will engage your smarts only in the things that interest you. Children with these ears should be encouraged to find their own niche, and they will excel at that.

6) Ears that stick out: You did not have the ideal childhood, or you are not that close to your parents. However, you’re very energetic and physical, and suited for working outside, not confined to a desk.

7) Ears you can’t see: If your ears stick to your head, you had a pretty good childhood, or were close to your parents. However, you should also take a look at the overall shape of your ear.

8) Overall shape: If the inner cartilage of your ear sticks out more than the shape of your ears, this means you had a rough time in your studies during your childhood and didn’t have the best of luck before your fourteenth.

9) Color: If your ears are lighter in color than your face, you will have a famous reputation. You might not be the wealthiest person in the world, but you will be renowned. If you are in show business, you will be a huge breakout.

10) Mole: It means you are intelligent and take great care of your parents.

11) Ear hair: Anyone who has the chance to have ear hair will generally live a long and healthy life.

That’s all about ears and the fortunes of your early years. Of course, your overall features determine your life’s fortune; so we will discuss your other facial features next time to see the path of your luck.

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