How to Get Prometh Codeine Cough Medicine

Prometh Codeine is generally recommended in form syrup. It is effect to treat upper respiratory problems, especially cough, mainly caused by allergies. Although you might take the syrup on your own, it is very risky since the medicine has many side effects. One of the major and immediate effects of the medicines is that it causes drowsiness. So be careful and avoid taking a high dose without your doctor’s recommendation.


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    Consult your doctor first. Do not take the medicine on your own in certain conditions, as it can cause some serious side effects.

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    Only take the dose that the doctor has recommended.

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    Take the medicine only at the frequency that the doctor has recommended to you and if you do not follow the doctor's advise you can face some serious health risk.

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    Discuss with your doctor the medical condition you have. If the doctor recommends you the medicine without knowing your medical condition, it can be dangerous for your health.

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    Tell your doctor of all other medicine that you have been taking. The doctor might not recommend you or recommend it with some other medicine. Taking the drug with some other medicine is dangerous.

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    Do not consume alcohol and other such stuff while taking the medicine. It can cause excessive doziness and might have some other side effects on your body.

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    If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, discuss it with your doctor before getting the medicine prescribed to you. The doctor is less likely to recommend the medicine during this condition, so better check with your doctor first and do not consume the medicine on your own.

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    You should also not take the medicine if you have certain health problems, such as asthma.

  • 9

    Even if you are not suffering from any other disease, do not have certain medical conditions and a similar disease, you are likely to suffer some doziness, so do not be concerned. The doziness vanishes with the passage of time, as the drug loses its impact in the body.

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    In case you notice any change in your body or mood, consult your doctor immediately. It can be due to some side effects, and in that case seeing your doctor at an early stage is very important.

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