Fair is Fair: Religionists Gone Hot Must Be Condemned

For several years, the West has been critical of the fact that moderate Muslims do not speak out often and vociferously against terrorists who use Islam as the cover for their horrendous acts. Certainly, it is fair to question the sincerity of their claims to be a religion of peace when we do not hear their voices raised against terrorism in the name of their religion. Fair is fair, and now it is time for Christian voices to be raised in condemnation of terrorist acts being committed in the name of Christianity.

On September 22, 2006, Christians in Indonesia took to the streets in a violent rampage following the execution of three Roman Catholic men convicted of leading violent militias in a previous outbreak of murderous violence. Reports say that when the executions were completed, more than a thousand Christians became a rampaging mob.
Some reports state that the mob was wielding machetes, throwing rocks, and burned the house of the prosecutor.

To their credit, Christian religious leaders in the area have been appealing to the people to desist their violent protest and the situation is calming. But fair is fair. It is time for Christian leaders around the world to condemn the violent actions of these people who say they are Christians. Furthermore, those who committed acts of violence in this so called protest should be identified, arrested, and prosecuted.

There is no excuse for acts of terrorism. Whether the terrorist claims to be Islamic or Christian, there is no excuse for terrorism.

Fair is fair. As many in the west decry the silence of many Islamic leaders when acts of terror are committed in the name of Islam, the world has a right to expect Christian leaders to denounce the acts of these Christians in Indonesia. If they do not speak out against this violence, it will signal to the world that the struggle for peace is a one-sided debate.

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