New York’s Bill De Blasio as a Poster Child for Democrats

COMMENTARY | The Washington Times suggests that Republicans are licking their chops at how much they intend to hang the incoming mayor of New York, radical leftist and Sandinista fan Bill De Blasio, around the necks of national Democrats.

De Blasio is entering office on a campaign platform of boosting taxes and spending and cutting back on crime fighting that he considers racist. Many anticipate that should be succeed he will plunge New York City back into the bad old days of economic decay and rampant crime that prevailed before Mayor Rudy Giuliani set things aright in the late 1990s. New York, being the number one media market in the world, could become the new Detroit as a poster child for the perils of left wing governance.

The theory is if muggings increase and businesses accelerate the exodus to Texas, New York will become a microcosm of what America would be like if a real radical leftist gets in the Oval Office. Mind, one might conclude that we’re already there with the current occupant, but there are a number of people who think Obama is just not radical enough. They dream of the revolution led by Howard Dean, Elizabeth Warren or – dare one say – Bill De Blasio instituting single payer health care, a 90 percent tax of capital gains, and the arrest of Rush Limbaugh as an enemy of the people.

Look for Republicans to start spreading rumors that De Blasio wants to run for president. After all, Giuliani was considered a viable candidate in 2008. John Lindsey, the New York mayor who caused a lot of the problems the city experienced after the 1960d, ran for president. Why not De Blasio?

Failing that, if the eventual candidate is not Hillary Clinton (who calls New York home), Republicans could spread the idea of De Blasio as vice president. As Lyndon Johnson once famously said about a much ruder rumor he spread about an opponent, they will just want the hear the Democrats deny it.

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