Man in Mohawk Shoots the Innocent in Montreal

When I woke up today I was so excited to be sending my daughter off to pre-school for the very first time. She got home and I asked her what she did at school today, then we sat down for dinner and I watched the events of another school shooting take place. This time it was in Montreal, Canada.

A man in a black trench coat and a mohawk haircut enters the school and randomly walks around shooting people. When I was in school, you only feared the “bully” or some of the real tough football players, not the kid least likely to have friends.

So I sat back and wondered why students who were always in the back hiding, staying to themselves would believe more people are going to care about them after they commit a heinous act like shooting innocent people. It’s almost to say, I miss the days of the school bully who dared you to fight him, took the money in your pocket or the great lunch you made. At least then only one person lost his integrity not his life.

On the flip side I questioned if I should be more concerned of the boy who no ones pays attention to, then the boy who will be interested in my daughter. Obviously both will be predators, one on the hunt for her love interests and one on the hunt for human life.

Long gone are the days in which a father could clean his shotgun when the new boy came to call on his daughter. Now the young man might see it as a sign of aggression and because shootings are so publicized these days, decide that he will be tougher and shoot the father just overly protecting his daughter.

Think of the 1994 movie, Natural Born Killers, with Woody Harrelson, in a scene when Woody walks into his girlfriend’s (Juliette Lewis) house and kills her father (Rodney Dangerfield). I know when I see that movie that it is just fiction, but what worries me is the sensationalism that is played up in the movie with the hotshot reporter Wayne Gale (Robert Downey Jr.), some young man might look at that and say I can be famous too!

Now this is not to say only boys can commit these acts, but this is coming from the eyes of a father with a little girl.

So my daughter had a good day at school, playing with all the children, learning the teachers’ names and reading books. If she only knew about the world that awaits her. I’m glad she doesn’t!

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