Fall Fashion Preview

Can you please stop the insanity, people? Why are you, as adults, paying top dollar to dress yourselves up like clowns? I’m telling you right now, you’re about to have your whole fashion paradigm shifted – and just in time for Fall!

Sure, it sounds a little schizophrenic; perhaps I’m coming off like I’m crazy for telling you, someone I don’t know, that you’ve been dressing wrong for years. I know, I make it sound so drastic but, hey, this is serious stuff and we need to stay lighthearted. I’ll start out by saying that this article won’t just deal with some simple recommendations for the upcoming Fall fashion season. This article will briefly run through the marketing ploys that you should already be seeing through and, more importantly, introduce you to a few helpful philosophies that will help you look and feel better. But I won’t leave you without any specific fashion tips to help you out, either.

I’m not here to criticize you, just your fashion. No, that doesn’t make you a victim or someone who’s compromised, just someone who needs some positive reinforcement for once. I really have to clear this up, because the fashion industry is nothing but criticism. Of course, they actually use that to prey upon their customers. Can you believe that? I think the only other business besides dealing crack that actually uses a trap is the fashion business. And they want you to look skinny like a crack head too…

That’s why I’m telling you not to play into the fashion business scheme. Reinvent yourself for this Fall. Instead of buying more advertising for Abercrombie, American Eagle, and the plethora of other easily-accessible retailers, maybe you should find something that fits your personality better. Instead of exerting unnecessary effort to search for exclusive designers like YSL, D&G, Diesel, etc. – just to exert more energy paying for it – why not find something that’s simply more sensible?

And this is where the real test begins; the time for you to search for something that truly represents you has come. If fashion is what it’s supposed to be, i.e. a representation/extension of who you are, then it’s time you played your party. Do you really want to be known as a walking billboard for your local shopping mall? Is that fashionable? For a second, realize the absurdity of the images that clothing companies project; they’re the same as any other company. Abercrombie wants to be as fun and youthful as Kraft cheese, as Camel cigarettes, as GM cars. It’s the American way, this advertising, and it’s a sales ploy. Sad.

So why play such a substantial part in this sadness? I’m sure you’ve felt it; you buy something new and, three months later, you’re yearning again. It’s like the clothes you just paid for are already ready to be sold at a garage sale. I suppose that’s why they call it the Fall/Winter season.

The key to beating the fashion paradox is this: first, find out something about yourself and then look for that in classic clothing. The important thing is to avoid all fads. Perhaps you’re an athletic individual; why not consider something classy from the Adidas Originals line? That way you can wear an excellent item – a polo, a sweater, whatnot – in a way that minimizes the aforementioned walking billboard affliction, while representing something deeper (your athleticism). Of course, you could always wear Adidas Originals with a sense of irony; maybe you’re extremely unathletic and you think the trefoil leaf resembles some other leaf. That you smoke. Check out the newly-released Fall line via Adidas.com, and surely you’ll find something with great Fashion appeal.

Another example of fashionably-deep clothing would be Penguin Munsingwear. Penguin doesn’t represent anything unequivocally. Whereas Abercrombie, AE, and the like represent ignorant youths by the masses, Penguin is more exclusive and therefore enables at least some individuality. It’s a brand that’s about making clean, dressy clothing that stands out. One of the brands finest points is its versatility. Not only can it compete with bigger names like YSL, D&G, and Diesel, but it can deliver clothing that will become instant classics. So, while other people are paying big bucks for Abercrombie vintage this Fall, i.e., a softened shirt that’s pre-made raggedy, you’ll be buying pieces that will remain crisp and clean throughout the years whilst looking vintage.

Do you know what foreigners do when they walk into stores like Abercrombie? They laugh! They see the holes in the jeans, the wrinkles, and they laugh. It’s a sad day in America when foreigners, from practically any country, can simply look at us and laugh. As I’ve said before, maybe you should reinvent your look this Fall. But I’d like you, dear reader, to consider reinventing America this Fall. Sure, it may be necessary to rely on foreign clothing companies, but it’s time American lines reconsider their values and stop ripping off customers.

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