Febreze Air Effects – Product Review

I have always been a fan of anything and everything Febreze. I just can’t get enough of their products. I have been a fan of their plug ins, their scent stories discs, and of course their air effects sprays.

Their sprays come in many different scents, that is sure to please anyone’s senses. One scent in particular that has always been a favorite of mine is Linen and Sky. This scent reminds me of laundry detergent; Gain in particular. The scent is fresh, and does remind me of clean newly washed linen. I love it, and being able to spray this scent on my bedding and furniture when they are not smelling their best is a plus.

I usually use this scent in between washings. I spray it onto my bed in the morning, and come home to the same fresh scent at night. This scent relaxes me, and makes it easier for me to get to sleep. Yes, odd how a scent could do this for me, but it does.

The Linen & Sky Air Effects comes in a stand up spray aerosol bottle. Just a few squeezes of the trigger and the lovely fresh scent is released into the air, eliminating all odors. The bottle itself shows a picture of hanging sheets out in the meadows blowing in the wind. The cap color is blue, and it’s pretty hard to miss.

You can find this and the other scents in any local super store for around $2.50. The bottle itself will last all month long, and that is with daily spraying. You may also buy this scent in the non aerosol can for around the same price. I find though that the aerosol can seems to keep the fresh scent longer than the non-aerosol can.

The Summer and Splash comes with a yellow colored lid, and smells of fresh melon. Honey dew melon seems to be the most potent note in the fragrance. It is a nice melon scent that is sure to please any melon lover. I myself am a fan of this one as well, however the potent scent seems to vanish pretty quickly after spraying it, so honestly it’s pretty wasteful. The scent does not last on fabric either.

Apple Spice and Delight is an apple cinnamon scent. I find this one difficult to come by though, as it never seems to be on the counter for sale. Either it is a popular scent, or they do not carry as many bottles as the other scents. This one for me is pleasant, and makes for an excellent fall scent in the home. The fragrance does last a bit longer than Summer and Splash, but it too disappears pretty quickly.

Blossoms and Breeze is a flower fragrance with a hint of freshness like Linen and Sky in it. It is a nice summer time scent that will fill the home with a flowery presence. It is nice and all, but sort of too strong for my liking. The scent though does last for quite some time.

Citrus and Light is a light citrus scent. The potent note is that of mandarin oranges. Although their is a picture of a lime on it, I do not detect any lime scent within it. The scent though is a nice wake me up refreshing one. It does last for a little bit on fabric, but it vanishes within a half hour.

Meadows and Rain is also a nice refreshing scent. It has an earthy evergreen type fragrance that I like in small quantity. A few sprays from this one and the entire home will be filled with it’s fragrance. For some this may be a good thing, but for me it sort of gives me a headache because of it’s strong long lasting scent. One spritz is all you will need with this one.

There are more scents which include Lavender and Vanilla, Rocky Springs and Cool, Berries and Paradise, and Spring and Renewal. I have yet to try these scents, but am excited to get my hands on them to see how they are.

All in all the Febreze Air Effects are well liked in my home, although some do not have a lasting scent, most of them do, and I continue to buy them. I would however like to see more fall time scents come from the line such as pumpkin, cider, caramel, and cranberry.

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