Easy to Make Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Consumers today are constantly trying to find new ways to “go green” and make eco-friendly home improvements. In today’s world, creating an earth friendly home and garden is not just a trend for the tree huggers. Developing and maintaining eco-friendly habits can help more than the environment by saving energy and lowering costs for the consumer. There are several easy tips for creating an eco-friendly home, and just a few are listed below to help you get started.

No one uses the blender or the toaster constantly. Simply unplug an appliance when it is not being used. Even an appliance that has been turned off, it can still continue to “steal” electricity from the outlet. The solution is to simply unplug anything that is not being used, and this includes kitchen appliances, phone chargers, and electric lamps.

A responsible homeowner should always make sure that a house has been properly insulated. If the home’s insulation is inadequate, excessive hot air will escape in the winter and excessive cool air will escape in the summer, and this loss often leads to overuse of heating and cooling units. Having a properly insulated house can save homeowners a great deal of money when it comes time to pay the electric bill. In addition, having extra insulation in the form of storm windows can also prevent desirable air from escaping while protecting the home during severe weather.

Most consumers have probably already heard the buzz about the compact fluorescent light bulbs, but these newer bulbs are a must for any home. These bulbs last months longer, use up to two-thirds less energy, and provide the same amount of light. During the lifetime of the bulb, up to $30 can be saved on the cost of energy from just one bulb. Imagine the possible savings if more than one incandescent bulb is replaced with the newer compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs do contain a small amount of mercury, so caution should be exercised when cleaning up a broken bulb.

While a nice, hot shower can be quite relaxing after a rough day, it is fairly easy to use too much water. Try to take shorter showers. In addition to reducing the time, turn off the water when it is not being used. Quite simply, if you are not under the tap, turn it off. By combining the two methods, several gallons of water can be saved daily.

There are many tips available online for developing a “green” home, garden, and car. Websites such as WorldWatch.org, Treehugger.com, and TheGreenGuide.com all contain extensive information about becoming more eco-friendly. By making just a few small changes, an individual household can help to make a big difference.

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